Performance Enhancing Drugs

Alex Rodriguez

A little bit of History

Performance enhancing drugs are used to stimulate muscles and improve agility mainly in athletes. Some consequences for using steroids are suspensions from games, and having awards taken from them since the time they started steroids. One of the first groups to be caught using steroids were a group of swimmers in Amsterdam in 1860. It was a group of swimmers who used drugs to speed their swimming up. PEDs help your body build muscle, and you can catch your breath quickly to exercise harder. Steroid tests are occurring more now since PEDs are used more with athletes. In the MLB, tests happen about twice a year-once before the season, and once during the season. When a player tests positive in a steroid test once, they have a 50 game suspension. If they are caught twice, they have a 100 game suspension. In the NFL, 12 000 tests happen in a season. Every player is tested at least once per season. In the NBA, each player is tested 0 to 4 times a season.


Alex Rodreguez (a.k.a. "A-Rod" or " A-Roid") was an MLB player who used steroids. He used "Gummy" steroids for testosterone lozenges, called primobolan from 2001 to 2003. The benefits of this were that he got more more muscle, so he was ably to throw and bat harder. He could run faster to a base. They can also make an injury recover faster. For example, if a player gets injured, it will take less time to recover from the injury.Some disadvantages were that they alter hormones after use. They change the heart's functions. Some side effects of this drug are a deeper voice, increased hair growth, and simulating bone growth. Alex was suspended for 162 season games, since he tested positive in a test to determine whether he used steroids or not.
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A-Rod admits using steroids

Types of PEDs


-raises body temperature

-has a big impact on weight and muscle


-used sometimes for development of lean muscles

-used mainly to aid the loss of fat


-Builds strength without muscle bulk

-not as many negative side affects


-not commonly used for body building

-increases amount of red blood cells


-used to increase mass and strength


-increases strength and recovery

-increases mass

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This graph sows the amount of of people surveyed think a certain amount of players in the MLB players used steroids.