The ASOT Reflection

Region 9 High Reliability Schools-December 2017

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Congratulations! You did it!

You have now finished all six days of training in the Art and Science of Teaching! We know that the content can feel a little overwhelming, but we hope that you have been affirmed in what you already do and have gained new strategies you can implement in your classroom.

Take a look below to see how one campus is implementing some of the ASOT elements. We'd love to feature you, your colleagues and your campus in an upcoming newsletter. Send us your pictures, videos or a write-up about how you've seen ASOT in Action!

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Vernon ISD-McCord Elementary

The first grade team at McCord Elementary tackled the elements of Previewing Content, Demonstrating Intensity and Enthusiasm, and Motivating and Inspiring Students by performing a skit (planned by Mrs. Milligan) that previewed the students' upcoming story "The Big Race" from the Journey's basal reader. The teachers were rewarded with a captive audience and students who are looking forward to the story after "meeting" the characters.
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Strategy Spotlight

Element 1: Providing Clear Learning Goals and Scales to Measure those Goals

We know that for many of you, this element was a brand new concept. However, it can be one of the most powerful strategies you try! Keep in mind that you can use proficiency scales in your own classroom, whether or not your campus is ready to do this as a whole.

The Power of Proficiency Scales

Take a look at this blog post from Nacho Ordinary Teachers: Learning with a Texas Twist about how the use of proficiency scales has impacted student learning. The teachers have included an example of their scales, pictures of how it looks in class, and samples of student tracking with goals.

Marzano Research Proficiency Scale Bank

Feel free to use the scales in the Marzano Research Proficiency Scale Bank. Keep in mind that these are typically teacher-created and may not be perfect. Additionally, some of them are based on Common Core Standards, so use them as examples as you create your own scales.

Now what?

Keep on Keepin' On!

Just because you have finished the six days of ASOT training doesn't mean you're done with us! We hope that you have created goals to implement these elements, and as you work on those goals, we want to help. We can do that in a lot of ways: helping you plan a lesson to utilize a particular element, model a strategy, co-teach a lesson to try new strategies, observe you as you try a new skill, and provide feedback on those lessons and elements.

We will continue to use Google Classroom (or Drive for those of you who do not have access) and Twitter to interact with all of you. We will also continue to publish these newsletters spotlighting some of our own region teachers using the ASOT elements. And last but not least, the ASOT Menu is still live. Feel free to use it to request our support!

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