Heritage Middle School Now

Frenship School District

Heritage Middle School is having a great start off of the new school year. We know that this year will be a great school year. In the science rooms we started learning vocabulary. They are learning about protons, electrons, and nuetrons. The words Electron Cloud , Chemical Prpoerty , Proton , Electron , Nuetron , Orbit , Symbol , Atomic Number , Periodic Table , and Valence Electrons.



Electron Cloud - The area of an atom that electrons orbit the nucleus.

Chemical Property - a property of matter that determines how it reacts during chemical reactions determined by the number of valence electrons.

Proton- The particle of an atom that identifies the properties of the atom has a positive charge.

Electron - the particle of an atom that determines the reactivity of the atom has a negative charge.

Nuetron - the particle of an atom that has no charge.

Orbit - the path that elctrons take around the nucleus.

Symbol - the abbreviated representation for an element

Atomic number - the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom used to determine an elements position and periodic table.

Periodic table - table that organizes elements based on physical and chemical properties.

Valence electrons - the electrons in the outer most energy level of an atom. They determine the reactivity of them.

Thats the vocabulary 8th grade is learning in science.