The 2006 Blizzard

Short Term Changes By Lexi Copeland 2nd Period 11/17/14

The Great Plains Ice Age

The snow blizzard in 2006 spread from New Mexico all the way to Nebraska. This storm last from December 28-31. This blizzard was a top layer of a blizzard that had occurred the week before. The height of snow ranged from 58 in down in New Mexico to 16 inches in Nebraska. The main affect of this blizzard was in Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

An Icy Business

It always depends on how big the storm is. If the storm is big it could last a month or two, if the storm is anything like the '88 Blizzard in New York then it could last up to three months! Most regular blizzards last about 10 days. Cattle could grow longer coats, change their blood flow, or their diet in blizzards so they could withstand the cold winds.


One way that organisms adapt to cold weather is to increase their body heat and blood flow through their body. This also goes with moving around a lot and not standing still. This is normally what most beef cattle do during blizzards or winter storms.
Another way that organisms could adapt to cold weather in blizzards is growing their hair out longer to help them trap body heat. This helps protect their soft skin under the hair. If the organism doesn't have hair, feathers maybe, then it most likely relocated but if it didn't then it has fluff under the feathers to protect them, but shelter will be needed.
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