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November 2023

President's Prelude

As the seasons turn, and the mood of the year becomes that of the festive holiday season, the band world becomes a flurry of activity! We are excited about what is coming up for the Sun Prairie Bands including: Sun Prairie Honor Band (this weekend!), Burrachos night, Big Band Dance, and Winter Concerts. After the new year, we dive into Jazz recordings and festivals, the kick off to Sound of Sun Prairie, solo and ensemble, more restaurant nights and fundraisers, and of course concerts, where we get to see our kids’ growth from throughout the year.

With the activities in front of us, there will be opportunities for you to contribute to enhance your student’s experience in band and to meet and mingle with other band parents and families. We are so excited to work together to continue this ripple of positivity in our community that we have started!

Sarah McVeigh

Sun Prairie Honor Band Festival Day, November 12th

Middle School Honor band members through out the area come together at Central Heights to rehearse during the day and then perform a concert at 6pm.

We need a couple more volunteers to help make this event run smoothly.

Please click HERE to sign up

For details regarding the event, check out the our website,

Band Booster Meeting

Thursday, Dec. 1st, 7pm

Sun Prairie East High School, Grove Street Band Room

Everyone is invited!

Short 30-45 minute booster meeting

- Director Report

- Treasurer Report

- Fundraising

- Big Band Dance

- Volunteer opportunities


The Boosters hold a variety of Fundraising opportunities throughout the school year.

Pick and choose which ones are best for your family.

For Current Information check our SPBB Fundraisers website

Fall Fruit Sale Closed Nov. 6th

  • Pick-up/Delivery will be December 3, kids that sold over $300 arrive at 6:30 am to help unload truck and organize. At 7:30 am, the rest of the students come pick up. Details are on the website.

Feed the Beat, Restaurant Night

  • Burrachos Night - November 9th 4-8pm
  • Check out our Facebook Page for details. Must show flyer!

Big Band Dance

When: December 3rd, 7:30 PM

Where: SP West High School Commons - NEW LOCATION!!

Super Fun event to Socialize, Dance to great Jazz music, and eat!

All the High School Jazz Bands will perform along with the Alumni Jazz Band.

We do need volunteers for this event.

Please Click HERE to sign-up.

Winter Concert Information Coming out soon!!

How does Fundraising help you?

By participating in one or multiple fundraisers you can earn funds into your CHARMS Ledger Account! Funds can be used for multiple music fees throughout the school year.

For details check out the following links.

The Booster funds are used to help cover costs for many great opportunities for ALL band members 6th grade through 12th grade. Here are just a few things we help provide for:

  • National Guest Clinicians visit and work with the Bands
  • Concert and SOSP Band Uniforms
  • Lesson Academy
  • Jazz Program
  • Sound of Sun Prairie Program
  • Varsity Point Awards
  • Scholarships

Please remember that ALL student ledgers zero out at the end of the school year to preserve the booster tax exempt status. All requests for ledger use must be made before August 1.

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Varsity Points

Starting in 9th grade your band student will earn points when participating in various band opportunities. The points will accumulate through 12th grade. Once the student reaches a certain point level they receive an award.

12 points or greater earns a Varsity Letter

24 points or greater earns an Instrument Pin

36 points or greater earns a Ribbon

48 points or greater earns a Medallion

To earn points, student must participate in one or more of the following:

  • 1 point per semester in Band

  • 1 point per semester in Jazz (one point given for Essentially Ellington in NYC)

  • 2 points for participation in Epoch Sound (1 football and 1 basketball)

  • 3 points per season in Sound of Sun Prairie (entered in July)

  • 2 points for participation in SPHS “Pit” Orchestra

  • 1 point for participation in Solo & Ensemble (no points for “Solo Night”)

  • 1 additional point for participation in State Solo & Ensemble (entered on 5/1)

  • 1 point for WYSO

  • 1 point for High School Honors Band

  • 1 point for Winds of Wisconsin

  • 1 point for Full Orchestra

  • 1 point for Chamber groups (.5 point per semester)

Recognition of Varsity Points will be awarded at the

Spring Band Concert and at the end-of-season Sound of Sun Prairie picnic.

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