EE Oliver Elementary

October, 2020 Newsletter

A letter from our Principal

As the days get shorter and the mornings get frosty, I am hit with the realization that we are nearing the end of October!

September and October have been busy months with welcoming students back to school and implementing COVID protocols. As a school we commemorated Orange Day to recognize those who attended residential schools and that every child matters. We began a modified breakfast program and our weekly soup program. We have practised fire drills, began AMA patrol and watched the construction of a great new parking lot and bus loop. We have also witnessed the pleasure the students have in spending time with classmates. I must commend them for the care and respect for others that they are displaying.

One of the highlights for September was the Terry Fox Run as it allowed parents to join the students in the school yard. We look forward to seeing parents again on October 30th as an audience to our Halloween parade! Parental involvement does look different this year but it continues to be an integral part of our school community. We look forward to celebrating parents and guardians during Parents Matter Week, November 16-20!

A special thank you to those who attended our first Parent Council meeting and agreed to be a part of the executive. Our staff is appreciative of the support that the parents give to us and we welcome your input into decisions about your child’s education. I would like to invite everyone to join us on November 5th for the parent council meetings either in person or via google meet. (Stay tuned for the link to be sent to you!)

Your children benefit, both academically and emotionally, because of the connection you have with their school experience. As we approach the end of term one, I encourage you to stay in touch with myself and your child’s teachers through telephone calls and email as well as by visiting the school facebook and webpage.

“It takes a village to raise a child.” - African proverb

Stay safe.

Ms. Krol

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Parental Involvement

We know that children experience higher levels of success when their parents are involved in their school and education. Now, more than ever with the Covid-19 pandemic, parental involvement looks different for every family and is based on many factors.

Although the types of opportunities for involvement may look different - one thing that stays the same is the importance of communication. Staying connected with your child’s school experience is important and equally important is that your child see, feel, and know through both action and conversation that you are keeping connected. Whether that means attending parent-teacher conferences, helping with homework, emails with staff, reviewing school correspondence or following the school website and social media - being involved demonstrates to your child that you care.

I would like to take a moment to thank and commend our parents for their extraordinary efforts as in-person classes were cancelled in March. The way our families have rallied together to support learning at home, to provide child-care, and to support one another is absolutely incredible. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us what we can accomplish when we work together and our families deserve to be commended for their tireless efforts to support students learning at home. The pandemic has certainly caused a variety of stressors to our lives and for our parents who are already juggling many roles and responsibilities - thank you. I recognize and appreciate the time, sacrifice, coordination and effort you have and are all making.

In the next few weeks, schools will be hosting their first School Council meetings of the year. The meetings run once per month and it is a great way to stay connected and have a voice in education. Please check with your local school to learn more about School Council and how School Council will operate this school year.

Your involvement makes a difference and we truly appreciate the important work you do. We believe that PARENTS MATTER and that is why Peace River School Division declared a week to celebrate the important contributions of our parents. Please mark your calendars for November 16-20, 2020 and join in the celebration of parental involvement at your child’s school during PRSD’s “PARENTS MATTER Appreciation Week.”

Wishing you a wonderful school year and thanking you in advance for your involvement and support.

Paul Bennett,
PRSD Superintendent of Schools

First soup for the season!!

Thanks to Mrs. Kramer and all that she does, Tuesday saw students enjoying a nice warm bowl of soup!

The E.E. Oliver nutrition programs are supported by donations from TC Energy, President's Choice Children's Charity, Peace River School Division contributions, private donations, and gift-in-kind sponsorship. The Family School Liaison Program, funded jointly by Family & Community Support Services, Alberta Health Services Mental Health, E.E. Oliver Elementary and St. Thomas More School, provides the leadership to the nutrition programs by securing funding and organizing volunteer support. We are grateful to all of the various contributors to making this possible for our students.

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Students in Mrs. Hill's class are learning new writing skills

Writing news articles can be a bit tricky. Thankfully Mrs. Hills is teaching her class a few of the rules and we are lucky to publish some of them here!

Please enjoy!!


My name is Jesse.I am from 4H,EE Oliver School, Fairview,Alberta.In our class we are learning about french words,maps,and we are doing art projects.We even have jobs and some are joke of the day,recycle,french calendar and cleaning.Our school is healthy,fun,safe.There are some events like Terry Fox run,jersey day and orange shirt day.And we have been reading a book called Owls in the Family. It's about two owls, three kids and the two owls are pets with the three kids.Another book is called Jacob 2-2. It's about a kid that says everything two times.Another book is called Bunnicula. It's about people that get a rabbit that is like a vampire and when it eats vegetables the vegetables turn white.There’s covid rules. We have hand sanitizer outside of every room so before we go in the room we have to use hand sanitizer. We also have to wear masks.And that's all about 4H.

4h EE.Oliver News

Hi my name is Dmitri ,I am from 4h EE Oliver School,Fairview,Alberta. My school is one of a kind .The school l am in right

now is healthy, fun and safe,funny. Also I am learning with amazing facts

going in my mind everyday . Even though I am grade four me and my class

are very smart because we know lots of things in our subjects . Our school

has lots of fun events . So far {in events} we have Terry fox run, Picture day,

Jersey day, Orange shirt day to remind all people to treat other people equally,

last of all breakfast programs . That's all for 4h EE.Oliver news

4H is amazing Article!!

My name is Blake Benjamin, my teacher is Miss.Hills.I am from 4H,EE Oliver School,Fairvew,Alberta.

I am glad that our school is a healthy place.I am also glad for our school being a fun and safe place.It is also great that we get events such as:Terry Fox run,Jersey Day,and breakfast program.

In our class we are learning french words like:vendredi which means Friday.

We learn a lot of science and social studies.In science we are learning about light and shadows.We are done science that unit.It is really interesting: fun fact if you were to stand still all day your shadow would get long in the morning and then it would shrink and grow again it is pretty cool.You should try it.

In social studies we learn about maps and directions. Our teacher tells us if there is a map with no compass rose then it usually means up is North,and down is South.We are just about done social studies. We are basically done. All we have is a couple more pages until we move on to a different type of social.

We always do such good art projects.One of my favourites is when we did a night time picture.It had a moon in the background and a branch.On the branch was an owl on the branch.That looked really cool.Today we did a cool art project that used chalk pastels it was cool.I wonder what other art project we are going to do next time?

In math we do quick math.It is where you have a certain amount of time to do an entire page of addition or subtraction or multiplication or division.We are on subtraction. It is pretty fun and cool.

In L.A we are doing handwriting we are on w.It is not that hard.Miss.Hills is doing all the easy ones then we are going to go to the harder ones.Also in language arts we are doing spelling.We have a dark blue binder most of the subjects have binders.

That is all about 4H’s amazing article!

4H News

Hi my name is Emma and I am writing about my school EE Oliver, Fairview, Alberta.I am in 4H and this year we are learning french words like bon matin that means good morning. And we are learning about maps in social. In science we are learning about light and shadows. It's really fun. And in Art we get to make cool pictures like owls on a tree. It's really cool.In math we are learning how to round .Sometimes it's a bit confusing. And in the gym we are doing skipping. I like Friday in the gym because we get to pick what we do. We call it free Friday. But one of the things I don't like as much is that we have to wear a mask.


My class and school

My name is Jewel Noullett. I am from 4h, EE Oliver School,Fairview,Alberta. EE Oliver is an amazing school. I have been here for 4 years and all my teachers were awesome and different. My teacher this year is funny, cool, different, nice and she has been teaching us some french. By the way we read a book called Bunnicula. It's about a family that went to a movie theater and they found a bunny that is a vampire. We are reading a book right now called Jacob 2-2. It's about a little boy that is 2+2+2 years old and he says everything twice.We are reading a book for a novel study called Owls in the Family. It's about 3 boys and a family that lives in Saskatoon. Two boys go out and look for eggs.They find an owl's nest and they get 2 pet owls. And we have monitors. I am a person that tells the joke of the day every day. In art we have been doing a lot of cool projects like we traced leaves on a paper. In math we have been subtracting and estimating. We do this thing called quick math and it's where we get 1 minute to do a little page of math.In science we are learning about shadows and light. In social we are learning about maps. We have some events like the Terry Fox run,jersey day,breakfast program, orange shirt day. We also have a bullying program. ByJewel Noullett

4H is the best class

Our school is the best.We follow health rules and we have lots of fun in E.E.O.


We have Terry Fox run where you run around the school. We have Jersey day where we wear Jerseys. We have a Breakfast Program where you get a free snack and Orange shirt day where everyone wears orange shirts.

What we do in 4H

We are learning some French words and phrases. In social studies we are learning about maps.In Science we are learning about Light and Shadows. And what can you see in the dark and what can you see in the light.

We do fun art projects.We do Math, we are good at it.We have Monitors.We have one that is a joke of the day. That is where someone makes a funny joke.We do novel study. So far we are reading Owls in the Family.

Covid rules

We have to wear masks and hand sanitize.In 4H we can take our masks off but we have to look straight or look down.

We have a really good teacher

She is really nice.She is the best teacher. We call her Miss.Hills. She is the best teacher in the world.She is also funny,nice.She doesn't yell.She only yells if you don't listen or you are being rude.And we learn from our mistakes.


How to Survive Grade 4

You must write your name on everything or a thief might steal from you. You have to be brutal to survive. You need pencils on hand, a pair of scissors and the colored pencils. You better have every color or you won’t survive grade four. And don't forget recess, the most deadly thing in school, thousands of broken bones so remember now play safe. Next is lunch. It's cool, I have nothing really bad to say about it. Art - the most deadly thing is the paint. We know how to not eat it,but what about kindergarteners? That's it. I hope the next four grade students will survive and remember every color.

Halloween - Covid style

As with everything else this year, Halloween will look a little different too! But we have brainstormed and gained lots of extra grey hairs to come up with a solution!!
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Halloween safety during COVID-19

Let's keep everyone safe this Halloween!

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Important Dates



30th - Halloween celebrations


6th - Picture retakes

11th - Remembrance Day

16th - 20th - Parents Matter Week

17th - Dress as your parent day

20th - Dress as your favourite animal

20th - Report Cards go home


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PRSD safety protocols and communication

Schools are considered to be the safest places in our communities. However, in reality, an emergency can happen anywhere at any time. It is imperative that our families are informed of various safety protocols and how we will communicate if and when an emergency occurs. This year we have a new challenge to overcome, however we must still meet legislated requirements. To complete our drills we will maintain social distancing and mask requirements to keep our students and staff safe.


· There is a possible danger INSIDE the school. Examples can include fire, chemical spill or gas leak.

· Students will be escorted by staff to a safe location away from the school

· If required, students will be transported to predetermined evacuation centres. Students will be released using student release procedures.

· No one will re-enter the school until the school is safe for re-entry.

Shelter in Place

· There is an ENVIRONMENTAL emergency in close proximity to the school, outside the school on school grounds and/or unrelated to the school. Examples can include; dangerous goods spill, wildlife on the playground or tornado. If the threat is immediate, students and staff will be gathered in to safer spaces, such as away from walls and large vented areas.

· Access to and from the school will depend on the environmental emergency.

Hold and Secure

· There is an emergency situation in close proximity to the school, OUTSIDE the school on school grounds/and or unrelated to the school.

· All exterior doors to the school are locked.

· The school operates as normal inside the school walls. Any outdoor activities, field trips are cancelled.

· As the incident is occurring outside, access to and from the school is restricted and carefully monitored.

Lock Down

· A lock-down protocol is initiated when there is an immediate threat of violence to the students and staff inside the building.

· The main objective of a lock-down is to protect the maximum number of people by getting behind locked doors.

· In a lock-down situation, students and staff will be locked in secure areas and the school will NOT operate as normal. No one will be allowed in or out of the school.

Communication during an emergency
During an emergency, we will make every effort to contact parents directly. Depending on the emergency, it may not be possible to send out information until after the incident has ended. Once it is safe to do so, parents will be contacted through direct phone calls, electronic messages, radio alerts, and website and social media updates. We strongly encourage parents not to come to the school during an emergency unless directed to do so. Although your natural instincts in an emergency may be to go to the school to safeguard your child, please understand that doing so could impede the response to the situation. During any emergency, our first priority is the safety of our students and staff and we work closely with emergency personnel and the appropriate agencies to keep our students and staff safe. Parents and guardians can assist with our emergency planning by ensuring your child’s emergency contact information is up to date with the school and transportation office. We also encourage families to follow the PRSD and local school Facebook pages where updates may be posted depending on the emergency.

Joint Worksite Health & Safety Committee

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