Community Service Opportunities

Zac Woolcock

What I can do.

I've lived in Clallam Bay all of my life and know how people around here like to live and I personally need some community service hours for school.If you need lawn work Done I do it very well and have been payed to do lawn work for people. I'm pretty good with computers and can do maintenance on your if it isn't working right. If you need me to I can also use a cash register. Here is a few ways I know I can help the community.

Community Service Ideas

-Clean up the park - The public park is often used by many people and is often full of trash and not taken care of. We could clean up the park by cleaning it up and maybe giving it some landscaping like mowing lawns and trimming bushes.

-Landscaping for the elderly - There are many old people in the Clallam Bay/Sekiu area who have nice big lawns that aren't kept very well because of their age. We could mow and trim them to keep them in good condition

-Support a food drive - There are quite a few around the area that are less fortunate then others. we can help them out by giving out a some food. A can of food from everyone can go a long way for some one with out it.

-Working for a Non-Profit organization- Helping a non-profit organization like the Co-op would be a great help for the community because all of the funds go strait to the goods bought. This kind of thing is a direct benefit to the community

-Cutting fire wood for people- Some people around the Clallam Bay are disabled and could use fire wood to stay warm in the winter

-Picking up trash along the high way- The highway to Clallam Bay is covered in trash and could really be picked up to help the community to look good for tourists.