Ratcliffe Weekly Newsletter May 16, 2016

Moving Forward....

Summer vacation is right around the corner and boy are we feeling the pressure! Testing, report cards, cumulative files, and restless children all make for a restless educator. But we got this! With teamwork and careful planning, we can get everything in. We wish Ms. Burkhalter well in her new adventure and as she stated on Friday, she is leaving us in great hands with Ms. Johnna Riley! Please welcome her with open arms as she helps us wrap up the school year. To prepare for the week, we are asking that everyone that can meet us on Monday morning at 7:30 am in the library for a very brief faculty meeting. This gives everyone time to meet Ms. Riley, ask any questions, and get an idea of how the rest of the year will flow. We are on countdown and if we work together, everything will run smoothly! Hope to see everyone in the morning!

Keep Calm and Let your School Testing Coordinator Handle it!

Testing continues this week with 5th grade Science on Monday, 4th grade Reading on Tuesday and Wednesday, 3rd grade Math on Thursday and Friday, 2nd grade Reading Wednesday and Thursday, and PALs testing K-3. Everyone has done such an awesome job keeping the building quiet. Please remember to have students use the bathroom and sharpen pencils as soon as they get to the classroom. We are allowing testing grades to get breakfast from the cart first on the day they test. Please direct all questions regarding testing to Mrs. Gunn. If we experience outages with PALs, we will forward the email to teachers.
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End of the Year Reminders

Supervision of Students

Please continue to supervise and monitor students very closely as the year comes to a close. Students still need to be engaged in academic material. Student engagement helps to cut down on disciplinary referrals. In addition, please make certain that you make contact with an administrator during the day with regards to referrals. It is a challenge to deal with discipline the day after when referral forms are left in our boxes. It is imperative that we be notified that there is a problem. If it is not an infraction that requires immediate action, you can send us an email or send the referral to the office.

Contracts for 16-17

Contracts and calendars will be available in the Oracle system beginning on May 19th until May 27th. Please make certain you know your password or reset it prior to that day. Please reference the email sent to all staff from Amanda (Mandy) Baker on May 12th, 2016.

Summer School

Information for Summer Academy is in! Please hold off giving any information to parents as of yet. Central Office has sent us a list of names and Mrs. Willis is going through the data. We will make every effort to send the information home by Tuesday. If you have a parent that has specifically asked about Summer Academy, please make certain Mrs. Willis is aware.

Safety Drills

Make certain you follow all safety procedures for safety drills. We have two more drills to conduct this school year. Remind your students of the expectations of each drill.

Emergency Plans

If you have been absent, please make certain your emergency plans are replenished.


Please be reminded that June 17th is the final day for all teacher resignations. If a situation arises where you are offered a promotion or move out of state, Human Resources will verify the information and work to find a replacement PRIOR to you being released from your contract. Only the Superintendent can release you from a contract over the summer. This message is directly from Human Resources.

Social Committee

The Social Committee is continuing with Countdown to Summer. Thanks to the Sped team, PreK and K, and 1st grade teams for keeping it delicious! This week is second grade and resource! 5 weeks 'til summer!

End of Year Meetings

Members of the Admin Team will be meeting with you to close out your end of the year evaluations. We will work on getting a schedule this week. In that meeting, we will discuss your goals, as well as your student growth measures. If you are aiming for exemplary, please be prepared with artifacts for each area.

Calendar of Events

May 9-27th -- SOL/Hat Testing

May 2- 20th-- PALs Testing

May 16th-20th- Ms. Carrington's Class Morning Announcements

May 16th--Retiree Luncheon

May 17th-- Interims/Progress Reports go home

May 18th-- After School Tutoring

May 18th - Talent Show Rehearsal

May 19th--SFEC Transition Meeting

May 19th -- PTA Talent Show

May 20th - Classroom Meeting Forms Due

May 23-May 27th- Ms. Meredith's Class Morning Announcements

May 25th--Henrico 21

May 25th--Final Day of After School Tutoring

May 27th -- Classroom Meeting Forms Due

May 31st- June 3rd - Mrs. Griggs' Class Morning Announcements

June 1st-June 16th - Expedited Retakes

June 10-- Classroom Meeting Forms

June 13-June 17th-- Teachers eat with Students

June 14th--5th Grade Promotion Ceremony, 6pm, Henrico Theater

June 14th- PreK Ceremony

June 15th- Junior Achievement

June 16th Field Day

June 17th--Final Classroom Meeting Form Due

June 17th- Last Day of School, Early Dismissal

Fire Safety for 4th, and Final Awards Ceremony will be added this week.

Please continue to check School Space for any changes and for Staff Birthdays