Writing and Publishing Tools

And a few other neat applications

Free Research Tools

ipl2 - PC

ipl2 is a public service organization and a learning/teaching environment. The search engine is a well–annotated directory of web resources hand–picked by librarians. It has over 20,000 records representing high–quality websites from topics ranging from technology to social science.

instaGrok - PC and APP

instaGrok is an innovative educational search engine that combines sophisticated semantic technology with an interactive user interface to make learning more engaging, personalized and fun for everyone. instaGrok is used by hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and everyday people every month.

Boolify - PC

Boolify is an educational Boolean search tool aimed primarily for elementary and middle school children. It is designed to teach students the basics of a good search using popular search engines.

Users drag and drop tiles depicting search parameters (OR or NOT) onto the display screen. Resulting web links are listed below the display area. The visual clues provide a mental model of the logic behind the search process.

The purpose of teaching students how to use the Boolean operators of “OR” and “NOT” during searching online is to either narrow or expand their search results. The Boolean operators help to create a relationship between the keywords used in the search and to modify the results.

Easy searching with Boolify

Newsela - Free - Informational Text

Newsela is an innovative way to build reading comprehension with nonfiction that's always relevant: daily news. It's easy and amazing. Every Article At 5 Levels. Newsela makes it easy for an entire class to read the same content, but at a level that’s just right for each student.
Newsela - Youtube Channel

Learn how to use Newsela in your classroom

Print What You Like - PC

Print What You Like is an awesome website that lets users to edit the content from other web pages in order to reformat or isolate that information you want to print. It is easy and very powerful with dedicated options to remove all images and backgrounds. Students could isolate a particular article off of an online newspaper and print just that one section instead of all the ads, comments, and junk that often comes alone with it. You can edit the font type, size, and even format the picture in order to truly get what you want and nothing more. Save paper and ink!
Print What You Like Interactive Tutorial

Don't forget to place Quick Button in your Bookmark Bar!

Screen Captures and Mark Up Tools

Skitch - PC and App -FREE

Skitch is a FREE Evernote Tool that allows you to get your point across with fewer words using annotation, shapes and sketches, so that your ideas become reality faster.

Jing - PC - Free

TechSmith also has a little brother to SnagIt (My FAVORITE PAID Screen Capture - I USE SNAGIT) in the form of Jing. Although much more simplified in terms of features and capabilities, the app is free to download and use. Must BE DOWNLOADED

Writing Fun

FoldingStories - Write, Fold, Pass

FoldingStory is a group storytelling game. Sign up today to enter the fold.

Publishing Apps

Padlet - PC - Free

Padlet is a virtual wall that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily. It works like an online sheet of paper where people can put any content (images, videos, documents, text) anywhere on the page, together with anyone, from any device.

Here is an example from an 8th grade science class that I shared a couple of years ago.

Flipsnack - PC - FREE

FlipSnack is everything you need to easily publish captivating online magazines, transforming your student pdf files (word docs can be saved as pdf files) into online flipbooks. It works and looks great across all digital platforms, engaging viewers with an interactive experience.

Goggle Hangouts on Air - Create a live Event

Google Hangouts on Air allows you to create live broadcast to audiences around the world. All you need is a google account and a webcam!

Below you can view projects that were guided and created by Kelly Fischer - Fayette County's District Technology Coordinator - Thanks Kelly!

You can also view visitors by location.

These were the visitors for the ACE 4th Grade History Broadcast.
Big image
Big image


Storify is a social storytelling platform that lets you tell stories by bringing together media from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more.
Big image

Haiku Deck - PC or App

Haiku Deck lets you create visually gorgeous presentations with very little effort. Your projects are saved as decks to the Haiku Deck service. After they're created you can view and present them on any iPad, iPhone, or web browser — which also makes it easy to share them on a projector. Haiku Deck has an amazing collection of stock art and backgrounds to choose from. Just type in any query and you'll find something without having to hunt it down on your own.

This example was taken from the brilliant Kelly Fischer - District Technology Resource Teacher Office of Instructional Technology, Fayette County Public Schools

Check out her great ideas for biographies at Biographies and Beyond

Capzles - Greate for Timelines- PC

Capzles is a site that allows users to create engaging multimedia timeline presentations. Students can upload images, video files, and documents. to create a slick looking animated timeline that can be shared and annotated. Great for making historical timelines and interactive multimedia presentations with or for your students. Students can even embed moving images as a background for the whoe page and muxic to accompany the viewing of the Capzle. Can be shared, commented on and embedded into class website or blog.

Other timeline tools are Dipity,and timetoast

Fun Apps to Smash

Bitstrips- App

Bitstrips is an easy to use comic building site. Students and teachers can use this webtool to create a comic cell, strip, or story and then share it. Great tool for illustration a scene from a novel, or even help a student understand a complex theory. So much fun!
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Paper Rater - PC

PaperRater.com is a free resource that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to help students write better. Our technology combines Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Computational Linguistics, and Data Mining to produce the most powerful automated proofreading tool available on the Internet today. PaperRater.com is used by schools and universities in over 46 countries to help students improve their writing and check for plagiarism.