Emerging Technology

Ariel Hollis

Flexible Phone

1. Research an emerging technology and give a presentation on the following:

a. Describe technology and how it works

b. Describe what need this technology is fulfilling

c. Describe how this technology can be used to help businesses

d. Describe how this technology can be used to help humans

e. Describe the safety concerns of this technology from multiple points of view

f. Your thoughts on the life of the technology (how long will it last- when will it become obsolete?)

g. What is the cost of the technology? (Dollar amount, privacy, social cost, psychological, etc.)

h. Include a “Works Cited” slide with your references for this project


a. it is an flexible cell phone. it works like an ordinary phone but it is flexible

b. this phone is safe to use because the screen is made from plastic and not glass so if you drop it , it wont break and you could place it anywhere with its flexibility

c. it could help some businesses so they wont have to buy new technology gadgets every time one breaks and they could save money

D. 75% of people have broken their phone and spent tons of money on buying new ones but with the Samsung flexible phone the screen is unbreakable because its made of plastic

E. it is safe because it is flexible you could stick it in any safe place

f. i think it will get around and alot of people will buy it, i think it would be around for 6 or more years

G. i haven't seen an price range yet because it something their thinking about selling

H. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/samsung-roll-flexible-phones-article-1.1205646

Samsung Keynote @ CES 2013 - Youm flexible Displays OLED Display [HD]