Texas Wild Rice


  • In striking contrast, this species is now listed as federally endangered (USFWS 1978)
  • Texas wild-rice has long green leaves up to 45 inches in length and 1/4 to 1 inch wide.
  • an aquatic perennial grass found only in the upper two miles of the San Marcos River in central Texas.
  • It is related to the wild-rice grown for human food.
  • This plant grows in clear flowing spring-fed waters.

Cause of Endangered

  • Groundwater pumping of Edwards aquifer
  • Pollution from vegetation management
  • Stream modification by damming
  • Recreation--including swimming and boating in and around the populations
  • Nutria (aquatic rodents) eating stalks


  • The Fish and Wildlife Service Recovery Plan recommends that a public education program be established, aimed at minimizing recreational disturbance of wildrice in the San Marcos River.