Warren middle school electives

there's a choice for everyone!


Band is a family that comes together to reach a common goal,and that common goal is to make beautiful music.Undoubtedly band is a great place to:play dream songs,make new friends,and play in exciting concerts.Although picking your instrument is fun,it does happen to cost a lot of money. transportation can also be a issue for families.Even though there are problems, band is a activity that can be used all through your life.

musical theatre

Musical theatre is a fabulous elective for so many reasons.One reason is that it build self-confidence for kids coming into middle school; however, stage fright can be a problem. On the other hand beautiful costumes get to be worn, and favorite musicals come to life. Sensitivity to makeup is a problem as you must be prepared to wear lots of stage makeup.in final conclusion musical theatre is a great elective to add to your classes.


there isn't much to worry about in the next class which is:art.Art is used to express creativity on many different forms of the subject. Provided that you already have creativity, all you have to do know is learn how to draw. Obviously art is were you can do this. Express yourself with a variety of colors and shapes. Keep in mind that patience is necessary when creating art. Also buying some art supplies is a possibility. Express yourself and join art were you can be you.


athletics is a great place to get fit and have fun doing it.Although athletics is fun,it can be challenging so make sure your up to it.Play as a team with your best friends,and in athletics you can be in so many different sports.Are you competitive?Well if so this is definitely for you.It's not completely worry-free though as there are some challenges.Transportation can be a issue though,and sports can add up to a great cost.Overall joining athletics is a great investment for the future.

Desktop publishing

Desktop publishing is a great place for future journalist and newscasters.Creating the yearbook is the goal for these lucky students;nevertheless,hard work is necessary to join.In fact you have to put through a application to get in.Working on the computer and clever captioning are skills that must be possessed.Desktop publishing was created with student like you in mind.