SD81 Board of Education Highlights

Reporting on the March 16, 2016 Meeting

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In this Issue:

  • BOE Addresses Resignation of Former Board members Kowalski and Stachura
  • BOE Approves Teacher Macbook Refresh and K-2 Student iPad Lease
  • BOE Adopts Resolution 16-13 Providing for the Issue of General Obligation Limited School Bonds
  • BOE Approves Principal/Assistant Principal contracts
  • BOE Plans Groundbreaking Ceremony for April 20th, 2016 - April BOE Meeting Moved to Kennedy School

The BOE approved the Payment of Bills & Payroll

  • March 2016 Bills in the amount of $368,935.44
  • Payroll for February 2016 in the amount of $905,998.93
  • Legal Bills to Franczek Radelet in the Amount of $6,465.44

First Public Participation:

  • Resident Martha Martinez commented that School District 81 ranks among the highest in neighboring suburbs, according to research she is doing. She stated that the community is fortunate to have outstanding facilities, technology, and quality teachers, and that many school districts do not have this. Ms. Martinez shared her support and appreciation, and noted the rapid rate of growth in student achievement in School District 81. She indicated that she would be sharing the results of her research/report in the near feature with the Board of Education.

Principals' Report

Example of Excellence

  • The SD81 administrative team recognized the teachers recommended for tenure: Rosa Andreuccetti, Lisa Blazer, Erin Butz, Katie Falcone, Corrinne Hillertz, James Kennedy, Britney Lane, and Rosanna Marzec.

  • Lincoln students performed a selection of songs from their production of Peter Pan Jr.
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Board Business

  • Secretary Ewanio shared items on the BOE bulletin board, including upcoming National School Board Association conference, new SD81 Alumni Success Stories Facebook page, and Dr. Boryszewski's Superintendent's blog about the Music Boosters Annual Pancake breakfast.

  • President MaryAnn Desecki read the resignation letter from John Kowalski and David Stachura resigning from the SD81 Board of Education. President Desecki responded with a letter signed by the remaining Board of Education members. Both letters are found on the SD81 website and are attached below. President Desecki directed that she would like the Board of Education's letter to be sent to all parties who were carbon copied on Mr. Kowalski's and Mr. Stachura's resignation letter. She also directed that the letters should be posted on the SD81 website.
  • Discussion: Member Hargus asked members of the BOE to let it be known if any Board Members had received email/questions regarding the Kennedy School addition project from the two resigning members. They indicated that they had not. Member Hargus also inquired if they dropped off the letter themselves, and if not, who did. President Desecki stated that a representative of the two resigning members dropped off the letter, but did not wish to state the name of the individual.

Old Business Information

Finance Committee Update:
  • Resident and Finance Committee member Diana Caffero provided the update for the SD81 Finance Committee meeting held on March 9, 2016.
  • District 81 learned in February that they were not awarded the Qualified School Construction Bonds.
  • Wendy Flaherty reviewed the revised funding plan to reflect the District's use of tax exempt bonds as an alternative to the Qualified School Construction Bonds. This resulted in borrowing less money $10.9 million versus an original amount of $12.7 million and utilizing fund balances of approximately $7.5 million (vs. $6.4 million in the original plan) .
  • The first bid for the Kennedy project came in below budget by approximately $800,000. The District is hopeful that Bid #2 will also come in below budget.
  • The committee re-reviewed all four phases and looked at the impact the District and stakeholders. The goal of maintaining a flat bond & interest levy of 77 cents was reiterated by the committee.
  • The committee discussed the need to refresh teacher laptops. The District will lease the laptops from Apple, as done with the iPads. The lease payments will be paid with Title I grant funds.

New Business Information

  • SD81 teachers presented "Little Libraries," a new book sharing program to benefit the Village of Schiller Park, and managed by District 81, Saint Maria Goretti, Leyden High School, and the Schiller Park Library. The teachers shared how excited they are to bring this idea to life with and for the community. There will be small boxes filled with free books to trade around town. Residents can leave a book and take a book to encourage a love of reading.
  • Dr. Boryszewski suggested that the BOE host a Groundbreaking ceremony at Kennedy before the April Board of Education meeting, and the Board meeting will be held at Kennedy School next month. Member Flanagan suggested that the leadership of the ABC Group is a part of the ceremony. Dr. Boryszewski commented that the ABC Parent Group, Village dignitaries, and all should be invited, and it will be a ceremony for the whole community.
  • A Special Board Meeting regarding Bid Package 2 will be held. Dr. Boryszewski will set up a date for the meeting.

New Business Action

The BOE Approved:

  • Teacher Macbook Refresh & K-2 Student iPads
  • Resolution 16-13 Providing for the Issue of not to Exceed $10,850,000 General Obligation Limited Liability School Bonds, Series 2016, for the Purposes of Increasing the District's Working Cash Fund and Refunding Certain of the District's Outstanding Bonds, Providing for the Levy of a Direct Annual Tax to Pay the Principal and Interest on said Bonds and Authorizing the Execution of a Bond Purchase Agreement with William Blair & Company, L.L.C.
  • Dr. Boryszewski stated that the Resolution was vetted by the bond attorney.


The BOE approved and accepted the following:
  • Classified Staff Resignations
  • Principal/Assistant Principal contracts
  • Granted Tenure to Teachers
(The complete detailed list of personnel items will be made available upon the approval of the official minutes at the April 20th BOE meeting.)

Second Public Participation

  • On behalf of the SD81 principals and assistant principals, Mrs. Donna Maglione thanked the Board for their professionalism in renegotiating their contracts. The team assured the BOE that they are firmly committed to the students of District 81. They sincerely appreciate the Board's offer of a 5-year contract, and they will continue to put the needs of the students at the forefront of their decision-making. The team thanked Dr. Boryszewski for advocating on their behalf and stated that they look forward to working collaboratively in the best interest of their District 81 students.
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