War of 1812

Second war of America vs England

Causes Of the war of 1812

First cause of the war of 1812, Britain and France was at war, and America wanted to be neutral and wanted to trade with both countries. The two countries didn't want neutrality. Britain responded by capturing ship and kidnapped sailors.

Cause #2

Second cause was the Embargo Act of 1807, the act stop all trade with Europe.A good result was that all American ships safe, the bad result was the economy suffered and the americans were angry and suffering.

Cause #3

The election of War hawks's was another reason because War hawks's was against Britain. In 1810 Congressmen from the south and west were elected. The southern were anger with Britain because it has damage their trade with Europe. The western blame Britain for the Indian attacks in the frontier.

Cause #4

American broke the treaty of Greenville and moved into Indiana land. British troops were in the western forts and armed indians to attack Americans.

2 battles during the war of 1812

Fighting on the Canadian Border

The British and Americans navies fought battles on the great lakes. Britain tried to invade New York and New England. where the federalist were but failed. The Americans also tried to invade Canada at three location but did not succeed.

Battle of Baltimore

The British Navy tried to attack baltimore but were stopped at fort McHenry. Francis Scott key was inspired by the battle to write the National Anthem. British ship retreated and the Chesapeake are saved.

4 Effects of the War of 1812

  1. Factories grew during the war and depended less on the European manufacturing.
  2. William Henry and Andrew Jackson became hero's. The federalist looked unloyal after Hartford convection and "died out".
  3. Internationals respected America, and became a world problem. America stayed neutral.
  4. America entered a nationalism period.America turned from Europe and looked we to expand. America created a unique culture