Mrs. Tuttle's CAP Class ~ Shields Elementary

February 11, 2016

Mission Statement

We, the SHIELDS CAPtains, will participate in advanced learning, continuously grow, and move on to the next grade level, by being responsible, doing our best, working together, and learning from our mistakes.

What's Happening??

  • 2/12 > NO SCHOOL
  • 2/15 > NO SCHOOL
  • 2/16 > Mindfulness Visitors
  • 2/17 > Digital Learning Day
  • 2/18 > Mindulness Visitors
  • 2/23 > PTO mtg 6:30

  • 2/26 > PBS Luau

  • 3/1 > Evening Conferences

  • 3/4 > NO SCHOOL

NO SCHOOL on FRIDAY (2/12) or MONDAY (2/15)!!!

Mindfulness Parent Manual

We have really enjoyed our time with the Minds Over Matter presenters. Every day the visitors come in we begin by ringing our singing bowl and getting into our mindful bodies.

Some of the topics we have learned about and practiced are Mindful Bodies, Mindful Breathing, Heartfulness, Body Scans, and Mindful Seeing. We also discussed Generosity and were challenged to find ways we can be generous and to watch for others being generous too.

Don't forget you can check out the Parent Manual that was shared to learn more about what your child is learning and how you may be able to connect it at home. When you follow the link you will find a downloadable link to a pdf file.


This week we played Kahoot ( for the first time and it was a hit! Kahoot is a web based site where students can use devices to answer questions on a variety of topics. We used it this week to introduce Word Analogies! Did your kiddo tell you about it?

President Research Projects and Biography Bottles DUE TUESDAY!

All President research projects and completed biography bottles are due on Tuesday. We will be sharing our projects Tuesday and Wednesday so look for pictures on FB next week!

Reading, Reading, and Reading

I've always been the person who only reads one book at a time, but thankfully the CAP students are fine with reading more than one at a time. Currently, we are reading "Esperanza Rising" and "Ungifted".

"Esperanza Rising" is the book we are using for a novel study during ELA time. We are practicing our reading strategies and skills with the book as we complete a variety of activities. We are annotating as we read and then participating in Socratic Seminars to talk about the book.

Then "Ungifted" is a book ALL CAP students are reading and then once a week we are connecting over Skype. So far we have met ALL CAP classes in the district. It has been fun seeing the other students who are completing the program too. The students have came up with some higher thinking questions to ask their peers and have participated in some great discussions.


Still working on fractions and this week our BIG focus was on different strategies that can be used to compare fractions. Some strategies we learned and practiced were:

  • common numerators
  • benchmarks
  • missing parts
  • common denominators

To find common denominators we first learned how to find the least common multiple and then create equivalent fractions with like denominators.

The important thing for the students to remember is that finding common denominators is not the only strategy that can be used to compare fractions. They should consider other strategies before finding the common denominator to see if there is a more efficient way to compare fractions.

Checking Grades on Schoology

You may have noticed less papers coming home as we have been completing more assignments on Schoology. Now that we have found a way to complete some practice sheets using Notability we have less papers we need to print! However rest assured we are still very busy learning and practicing new concepts every day! When students submit work on Schoology I then can grade their work on the platform and provide them feedback as well. We are working in the classroom on being diligent in checking grades and reading the feedback. We have discussed it is important that if they have questions about any feedback to be sure to come ask!

As of now, parents do not have their own access to Schoology although the goal is to get there one day! For now, you will need to log in with your child's log in information to check their work. They should be able to share with you where you can find their grades and check out the feedback. If you have any questions about work, grades, feedback, etc please let me know!

NOTE! Submitted items in the 3rd marking period will all be graded this weekend! You can see all the graded work from 2nd marking period.

Notability ~ Our New Favorite App

This week we practiced using a new app called Notability. This app allows students to create digital notebooks. We set up an ELA and Math Notebook and within each of these can insert dividers for reading, writing, book clubs, and other sections.

The great thing about this app is that it also allow students to download pdf files from Schoology, open them in the app, and then use writing tools to complete them. We were having difficulty opening graphic organizers and other worksheets that needed to be completed making it hard to go paperless. With Notability, students can download the files, complete them, and then it integrates with Schoology so the students can then upload to submit to the assignment. This app is a wonderful tool to help us utilize our 1:1 iPads!

Notability is also used in the middle and high school so they will also have experience to make the transition even easier.

If your child has an iPad at home you may want to see about purchasing Notability ($5.99) on the device as some of our common organizers like the vocabulary web and literature web can be found in the resources on Schoology. They could then choose to submit digitally rather than completing a paper.

Classroom Needs

We are in good shape right now! Thank you for all the supplies that have came in recently!

There are MANY open slots for Volunteers in the New Year. Please consider helping!

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