We should remember that in order for the ecosystems to be in a suitable state, it’s necessary that its organic and inorganic elements be in balance. If some being or factor undergoes some type of alteration (absence, mutation, decrease or increase) in the long run, the whole habitat will suffer from it, and in turn, be at risk of disappearing.


The ajolote need to be protected, because is a endemic species, because they are only found in the lake of Xochimilco, and a lot of people eat them, we need to create a society that protect all the species remains, and create awareness and tell everyone that eat endangered animals its bad because there are only few ajolotes and its belongs to the history and thing that are remarkable for Mexico

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Habitat: water, gulf of California. people fishing this animals, contamination of their habitat. clean their habitat and stop the fishing.
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Habitat: practically this animal is extint.

search in all mexico if we see the wolf because even have hope to find this animal.

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TEPORINGO (conejo de los volcanes)

Habitat: in the center axis neovolcanico, Mexico.

the quickly growing of the population near of their habitats, threat this animal small.

we can do a nursery.

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manati antillano

Habitat: gulf of Mexico.

they're in danger because in the ocean near of florida, the manatees don't want to migrate to warm water in the south because in Florida has warm water artificial, for this cause the manatees stay in florida and don't travel to the south to mate.

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