Stimulants-Leading to a Early Death

Ecstasy, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Steriods

Types of Stimulants

  • Ecstasy- Ecstasy is a small deadly pill. It has a bunch of logos: Nike, Batman, Honda and many other symbols. The pill comes in all different colors too. Ecstasy causes you to clench your teeth and grind them involuntary . It gives you Extremely high body temperature. This fever can cause death

  • Marijuana- Marijuana is a little similar to tobacco. It is smoked and eaten. It is baked into all kinds of different foods including brownies. It is becoming legal in some states though. Marijuana will lead to cancer; Marijuana contains more carcinogens then cigarettes . It kills brain cells. Its nickname is the getaway drug. Marijuana is OK if you are in the hospital and the doctor gives it to you medicinally.

  • Methamphetamine- Methamphetamine is also known as meth. Meth is a extremely addictive drug. Meth will give you severe problems with mouth: Teeth, Gums, Tongue. Like ecstasy meth will cause your body temperature to rise to severe temperature. You will be angry over little things and be extremely violent.

  • Steroids- Steroids make you super strong. Whats the problem? The whole drug is the problem! It is cheating in all sports because its the drug making you good not your talent. It's a worthless drug that will only bring problems. In 2013 not one baseball player made it to the hall of fame! They all did steroids. There are many different side effects. Some just for men, some just for women, some just for both. Steroids will cause males infertility, the development of breasts and testicles to shrink. Steroids cause women to grow facial hair and body hair. Their voice will deepen. Both genders will have bad mood swings, paranoia, a lot of acne and Roid Rage. The excessive acne cant be healed by all the creams. You will be stuck with it. Roid Rage makes you get ticked of and have a serious light temper. It endangers everyone around you! When you stop doing steroids all your muscle will turn to fat.

What Stimulants do to you

Stimulants- Speed up you body ( Your Heart Rate )

Side effects- Stimulants will cause cancer, muscle problems, mouth problems, fever, heart attacks, and extreme temper. Your heart will be working to hard causing a heart attack. The clenched teeth, grinding teeth and dental problems cause mouth problems. All these drugs have carcinogens. Steroids make muscle into fat after a while and cause extreme temper.

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Steroids are needles people inject into there body.