March 2017 E. Frank Bayer, LMS

Change Your Words; Change Your Mindset

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What Can I Say to Myself?

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Pi Day is Coming: March 15th!

I found a very creative blog about teaching math at Math=Love@blogspot.com. Sara Carter writes about how she even used a math worksheet with a hidden code to have a student invite his date to the prom. The "change your words, change your mindset" photos come from her blog. There are even free downloads to create your own bulletin board too!
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Celebrating Women's Suffrage during Women's History Month

Above is a copy of an original postcard sent by Wallace Ellise against women's suffrage. You can find more documents like this on DocsTeach.gov. A great website created by the National Archives. Students can analyze documents, research interesting periods of history and experience interactive activities, such as placing documents in the correct chronological order and other webquests. Teachers will find detailed lesson plans and templates to create your own lessons using the primary source materials.

More online resources for lessons

Ted Talks has an entire division devoted to teaching. It's called TED-ED. The videos are about 5 minutes long. Each lesson has 4 parts, watch, think, dig deeper and discuss. The site is free, but again, you must register to use the site. One caveat, the videos are posted on you-tube which is filtered on the D.O.E. computers. You must download it on a non-D.O.E. computer and show it to your students.

Ever see a you tube video you like but can't share the entire video? Use TubeChop to edit.

What Kids Can Do: Excellent Website With Tons of Resources