The Colonies

By: Kaiden Johnson

A New Life

You can start your new life in a place that is by the coast and with lots of trees. You can go to the New England colony, Middle colony, or Southern colony. You don't have to make your kids toys, kids make their toys. You can travel by water to get around the colonies. You can trade with other countrys to get new spices or other man made things. Get rid of England and go to America.

The Coldest Colony

The settlements in the coldest colony (New England) has two big colonies which are Massachusetts Bay Colony, and Connecticut. The best part is that you could have a ocean swim on a decently hot day.

-The physical characteristics

  • The soil is thin and rocky (not good for farming)

  • Your by the Atlantic ocean

  • Your surrounded by great big forests

-Economic Characteristics

  • We trade perfume, fish and lamp oil

  • Lumber Jacks

  • Merchants

  • Whalers

  • Boat Builders

  • Fishermen

-Cultural Characteristics

  • No freedom for religion ( Religion Puritans)

  • Women can not vote

  • Only men that go to church can vote

  • We have a government

The Warm Colony

In The Warm Colony (Middle Colony) the settlements are New Netherland/New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, lastly Delaware. You are in the middle of the Southern and New England colony's. You will have warm sunny days to go fishing or farming. You can have an ocean you can g o swim in and get away from the other England.

-The physical characteristics

  • The soil is rich and good for farming
  • Along the coast
  • Has lots of trading posts
-Economic Characteristics
  • Miners
  • Farmers
  • Millers
  • Merchants
  • Guns
  • Goods
  • Slaves
-Cultural Characteristics
  • Friendly with Native Americans
  • You can practice your own religion
  • Has lots of money
  • The Middle Colony is Diverce

The Flat Land Colony

The settlements in the southern colony are, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. Some more are, South Carolina, Georgia. If you are a farmer you can get lots of money because the land has rich soil. Also if you like warmer summers and colder winters this is the place for you.

-The physical characteristics

  • Rich soil
  • Flat land
  • Warmer summers
  • colder winters
-Economic Characteristics
  • Tobacco
  • Rice
  • Farming
  • Merchants
  • Lumber Jacks
  • Military
-Cultural Characteristics
  • Travels by water
  • Catholic
  • Virginia is ruled by kings
  • Nice to Native Americans in Georgia

Your New Life

Come to the colonies! with ocean blue and the green forests. Also the ocean breeze, the salty air, and the wonderful smell of the outdoors.