and The Digestive System

What is homeostasis, and what does it matter in the digestive system ?

Homeostasis is regulation, something thing that doesn't change. For example, in the digestive system, our digestion starts in the mouth. That's homeostasis. If one thing, no matter how small, our homeostasis in our body might be affected.

What other systems does the digestive system work with?

What foods that we eat affect the digestive system?

Junk food v.s. the digestive system

Junk food is just bad for our digestive system. It slows down digestion, and makes the stomach bloated. The extra 500 to 600, maybe more calories can put stress on our organs. "Excess sodium over time can damage your kidneys and cause high blood pressure. ABC News also reports that a Swedish study found that individuals who ate fast food twice per day for four weeks experienced liver damage."(http://www.livestrong.com/article/166549-fast-food-digestion/).