McAnally Band Weekly News

BAND 2021-2022

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  • Welcome to the McAnally Band Newsletter!
  • All students have assignments through smartmusic that they should be logging in daily and completing. Ask them to show you how it works!
  • Students should be working on music theory and note identification Daily. They can access it at The more they review the material at home the quicker they will learn in class!
  • Information for private lessons can be found at
  • Charms practice record grades are LIVE. Students should be logging in 150 minutes each week. The link to Charms is at
  • If a student forgot to enter their practice time by the Sunday deadline they can fill out the late practice link at to receive credit.

Upcoming Events

  • Middle School Audition recordings due 5/15 - please refer to email for details
  • Aledo Band Booster Meeting Tuesday, May 17th - Daniel 9th grade Cafeteria
  • School Instruments checked in for summer maintenance 5/17 - Oboe/Bassoon/French Horn/Euphonium/Tuba

Suggestions for At Home Work

Students should be practicing nightly. If you are not hearing nightly band practice your student is falling behind in band. Nightly practice with smartmusic and should include playing exercises assigned by their teacher, Note ID, scales, any music, and Rhythm Rockers. Student should be utilizing their metronome/tuner or smartmusic while practicing set at 80-85 BPM.