poetry Anthology; Haley Sisco


Haley was born February 20, 2001; she grew up in a very small town that she has lived in her whole life. She was always very shy and didn't have very many friends but she was interested in volleyball and writing. In middle school she played volleyball and ran track and got very good grades; she always enjoyed the writing assignments. Haley moved into a new area but still close to her hometown where she realized she wouldn't be going to the same high school as all of her friends. Soon starting high school at Byron Nelson where she was very nervous because she didn't really know anyone but in no time became very comfortable and made some great friends. Haley loves the writing epically poetry because she can express her feelings and write about her childhood memories.

Where I'm From

I am from the consistency of honey, from thick-it and enfamil

I am from the small town home to the open land of the lease.

I am from the cactus and untrimmed land, the dirt and grit of the deer lease

I am from the big meals and open cooking and gun carrying, from the misguided jokester and always wanting pictures and the one that's never quiet.

I am from the silence of hunting and the loud laughter at home.

From many hands and toughness.

I am from the D-Now trips and early long Sunday's spent at church.

I'm from Texas, venison and ice cream.

From the snot in the water bottle and the urine my dad drenched my sister in.

I am from the scrapbooks and plastic tubs in the attic and photos covering the hall.


Soft simple smiles that have so much meaning

to the silly sleepover conversations at nana's house

strange home made pizzas that always end up looking appealing

the midnight tummy growls that keep us quiet as a mouse

helping each other wakeup Sunday morning

eventually crawling out of bed and being attacked by the dog

even though our grandparents gave us a warning

racing to the bathroom like a speed game of leapfrog

to our outrageous singing battles

and helpful makeup tips

the smell of breakfast has us on our feel like a herd of cattle

both of us together is wonderful partnership

our sleepovers and simple hanging out is what I treasure most

the love I have for you is like an overdose


Halloween night with a broken toe was the best night in a while-even though I had crutches. The crisp air and soft conversations made it seem spookier than it actually was; laughter and extremely loud conversations as we walk up to a simple looking house so we thought...

walking up we realize there was a person in a costume standing so still like a statue. Beginning to be what scared saying "OMG!! is it going to move OMG" As I approach the house the person pops out and screams, my friend and I began to sprint down the street, the street lights are yelling for us to run faster which felt impossible. Feeling old as I'm crippled and racing down the street we realized the scary people let off and began to walk away. "ahhhohhh' breathing heavily we came to a stop and laughed uncontrollably. We walk back home and tell the story 10000 different ways and every time we laughed so hard we couldn't talk. Nights like this are the ones ill never forget.


I really enjoyed writing theses poems having to sit down and really think about what to say and if it would make since. My favorite poem to write was either the sonnet or where I'm from mainly because I enjoyed getting to tell about myself and who I 'love." The where I'm from poem was really interesting to write because I had to ask my mom for help to get good ideas from my childhood that would be worth telling. On the other hand the sonnet was something I wanted to do by myself and let it have a lot of meaning; this poem is about my cousin and I we are really close and I thought to do this about her because I enjoy spending time with her and most people don't have super close relationships with family members that are even the same age. I always try to find unique stories to tell that also have meaning behind them. My narrative poem was about a super fun night with a friend of mine that is one of my favorite memories. I would love to write more poems of different styles.