Force and motion

Simple Machines and newtons laws

Simple machines all around us

Think of your life without simple machines. It would be hard to live without them. They are all around us. A car has a wheel and axle,a ramp is an inclined plane, and an axe is a wedge. Simple machines help you get work done easier and quicker. A car is an example of Newton's first law an object at rest will stay at rest and objects in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. If you slammed on the breaks and the car jerked and you got in a crash you would fly out of the window and not stop unless you were stoped by an outside force like a wall.

Newtons laws

How are they connected

Newtons laws and simple machines are connected because machines don't change the amount of work you have to do but helps you do it faster and the laws of motion don't change just because you use a simple machine.
I hope you enjoyed learning about simple machines and Newtons laws of motion