Spur-i Pepper Class News

Week of September 22nd

Library on Monday!

We will be returning and renewing books Monday.

Picture Day is Coming!

Fall Picture Day is Tuesday September 30th. Look for the order form to come home with your child on Wednesday.

This week...

  • Writing: We will work on developing structures in our writing to guide our audience through our writing.
  • Social Studies: We will construct and interpret maps, and begin our study of Texas Regions.
  • Reading: We will continue learning and talking about characters and their traits as well as comparing characters across books we read in class. This will continue this week, as well. I am working on finishing up beginning of year DRAs on everybody.
  • Math: This week we will be deepening our understanding of multiplicative comparisons. What exactly does it mean to say something is 2 times as long, tall, far, etc as something else.
  • Science: It's all about electricity this week! We will be using electricity to light bulbs, make motors run, and building circuits that incorporate all those elements!

Bring your own device

If your child has an electronic device, such as a Kindle, Ipad, Nook, or any device like that, that they read on, they are able to bring it to school for independent reading time. This is, of course, at your discretion, and they have to use the device for reading during the school day (no games).

Helping Hands

If you are interested in helping out, I would appreciate it!

I'd like to send out a Scholastic Book Club order, and would like help assembling the packets.

AND I have a TON of lamination that needs to be cut!

If you are interested in ANY of these awesome jobs, let me know!! :)

Upcoming dates...

9/29 PTA General Meeting @ 8am & 6pm

9/30 Picture Day

10/24 Fall Fest!! 5-8pm

10/27 Staff Development No School!

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