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October 13, 2020 from 7-8:30pm Zoom Meeting

Meetings will be held the second Tuesday

of each month from 7-8:30 pm.

A zoom link will automatically be sent to you if you are on

the SEPTA e-mail list. If you are not receiving emails

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Can’t join us online October 14, 2020, go to WI DPI council webpage to submit your comment online between Oct 12 to Oct 16 in English at or Spanish at

Children, Youth, and Family Services

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For more information about the Comprehensive Community Services Program (CCS), Coordinated Services Team (CST), or the Children's Long Term Support Program (CLTS), please see our program descriptions or contact the Department of Human Services Centralized Access at (715) 839-7118.

Children's Long-Term Support Waiver Renewal Initiative

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is planning for the renewal of the CLTS Waiver Program. The CLTS Waiver Program provides community-based supports and services from birth through age 21 for eligible children with long-term support needs. The CLTS Waiver Program is renewed every five years. In October, DHS is hosting virtual input sessions for current and past CLTS participants and families to share their feedback which will help shape how services are delivered for children with disabilities and their families for the 2022 through 2027 waiver cycle.

We are looking to get a broad and diverse audience to attend and share their input. We are hoping that you can promote this opportunity and encourage the families you know and work with who have a connection to the CLTS Waiver Program to register and attend one session.

Registration is required—participants and families should click on the link above for the event they want to attend and fill out the registration form. More information on the renewal and ways to provide input can be found on our CLTS waiver renewal webpage.

Sign language interpreters and captioning will be provided during the input sessions, and the presentation slides will be available in English, Spanish, and Hmong. Other accommodation to participate can be requested when registering. More information is available on our website.

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Young Athletes Crafts

Join our Young Athletes Manager, Jenna Lang, as she goes through making a different craft each week.

Please register at the link below:

Tuesdays at 4pm

Young Athletes Practices

Each practice will focus on a different skill that is important for the development of gross motor


Please register at the link below:

Thursdays at 4pm

Virtual Offerings, Conference Announcements and more!

Introducing the Assistive Technology (AT) Forward Statewide Project and Community of Practice

The Assistive Technology (AT) Forward Project is designed to support educators, practitioners, caregivers, and families to increase student autonomy in utilizing Assistive Technology tools to support access, engagement, and progress in virtual and distance learning. Assistive Technology Forward will provide a statewide virtual Community of Practice (CoP) to support AT in virtual and distance learning. By joining this Community of Practice, members will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field of AT and benefit from the knowledge learned through networking with colleagues statewide.

CoP members will have access to:

  • A free membership to Assistive Technology Industry Association (AITA) that includes free online webinars related to Assistive Technology.
  • Access to free one-to-one virtual technical assistance to support the use of AT in virtual and distance learning.
  • Regular updates from the field and ability to share resources with others through a new AT CoP email list.

Training Thursdays in October- Offered by the Northern Regional Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Each live session occurs twice, from 12:30-2 PM and then from 6-7:30 PM over Zoom. Families registering at least two weeks in advance can receive a package of resources and goodies in the mail including activities and fidgets to keep kids occupied during the session. You can register for all 5 sessions or just the ones that you need.

October 1: Did You Know? Now You Know! An overview of private and public health insurance benefits, community supports and services, and other resources for children with special health needs and/or disabilities.

October 8: Bridging the Gap Discussion of youth health transition considerations including medication management, decision making, changing to adult providers, and self-advocacy.

October 15: C.A.R.E. Series: Requesting a Shared Plan of Care & Assembling a Care Notebook Learn more about the benefits of a Shared Plan of Care, which is a summary of your child’s medical and non-medical information. We will also walk through how to assemble a Care Notebook to keep your child’s information organized.

October 22: What's After High School? A broad overview of the transition to adult life for youth with disabilities and special health care needs and includes the following topics: envisioning a youth’s future; post-secondary concerns; long-term supports; transitioning to adult health care; legal considerations; and supported decision making. Presented by our CYSHCN Network Partners- Family Voices of Wisconsin.

October 29: C.A.R.E. Series Care Mapping & Local Resources A hands-on opportunity to create a care map that illustrates your family’s strengths. It communicates both the big picture and the small details of all of the resources needed to support your child and family. We will wrap up the session by tying things missing in your family’s Care Map to what is available in your local area. A great way to connect with other families.

Registration information and resources are at:

Contact us at 715-261-1906 or via email at to register over the phone or for other information.

Co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Adoption & Permanency Support, Family Voices of Wisconsin, and the Youth Health Transition Initiative

Northern Regional Center for Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN)

Office: 715-261-1906 or Toll Free- 866-640-4106



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The newsletter is provided by the Wisconsin Family Assistance Center for Education, Training and Support (WI FACETS) through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

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