BY: Serena Hollister

Page 133 Culture Note

In France if your late you have to go to the principles office to explain why. The person who is in charge fills out a form in your carnet de correspondance. Carnet de correspondance is a special notebook that your behavior gets recorded in. The carnet is more for younger students then it is for older students. Parents are also required to sign the notes written to prove that they are aware of whats going on.

Page 138 Culture Note

Many students who don't live close enough to the school to go home for lunch eat school lunch. The meals served follow the typical sequence. 1st course, main dish with vegitables, then cheese, then fruit or yogurt. Students can either stand in line to get their food or the could be served. Since lunch lasts for 2 hours they also have time to study, or play a game

Page 142 Culture Note

Report cards come out 3 times a year. December before Easter break, end of the school year, and in June or July. Graded assignments include Written/oral tests, pop quizes,compositions, oral presentations, and homework.