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Everyone is unique. We are all different from everyone else. We all identify as something, though, whatever it is. Everyone has questions. Here, we will be looking at some pertaining to identity, as well as other health concerns.

Knowledge: What is the asexual-sexual spectrum?

The asexual-sexual spectrum is where a person falls in relation to the circumstances and intensity of their sexual attraction. It isn't just black and white. On one end, there are asexuals, those who are not sexually attracted to anyone else. On the other, there are sexuals, those who are sexually attracted to others. In the middle, we have the Grey A's, those who don't fit into either end. One example is if someone is demisexual. Demisexuals feel sexual attraction, but only towards someone that they share an emotional bond with already.

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Human Sexuality is Complicated...

Understanding: Why is puberty necessary?

Puberty is needed because it is what makes it possible for the human to reproduce. In females, the main change is the release of ova, meaning the female is now fertile. In males, the main change is the production of semen, as the male can now impregnate others. This, combined with other changes (like getting taller), are what make a child become an adult.

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Analyze: Why are sexually transmitted infections still prevalent?

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This is because the younger generation is much more open in their sexual relationships. Many see sexual intercourse as something not as intimate or important as it once was. This makes it so they treat sex more casually. By doing this, teens allow themselves more sexual partners, increasing the chance of spreading STIs.

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Apply: How does pregnancy affect a relationship?

During pregnancy, relationships will most likely change. It could be destroyed or strengthened. Your partner may not wish to have a baby, which can create stress, and they might leave you. Also, there could be less sexual intercourse than usual. The stress levels could go up, as it is a stressful time. Conversely, your relationship could grow. You and your partner could bond over this, and they could become more helpful, creating a healthier relationship.

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Evaluate: Abortion Options: Good or Bad?


  • Ensures all pregnancies are planned
  • Saves lives via embryonic stem cell research, which uses human embryos
  • Stops unwanted stress and issues


  • Kill humans- unborn babies are still alive
  • Possibility of not working
  • Diverts nature from its true course- people are meant to have babies

Apply: How are lust, love, and infatuation different from each other?


Infatuation is an intense emotional attraction, usually lasting for a short period of time. This is what is referred to as having a crush, or puppy love. It is filled with intense feelings for someone else, and the person experiencing this usually feels like they need the other person as part of their life. This also usually stems from loneliness, and the desire to have someone in their life. Therefore, they cherish what the get, at least in the beginning. Lust is usually present, and infatuation can lead to love.

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This is what is most commonly confused with true love. Lust is a strong desire of a sexual nature. This is mostly based on physical and sexual attraction, as well as fetishes. Lust is the wanting to have sexual intercourse with others. Lust can be seen in infatuation or love.

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Love is, simply put, complicated. It is the quintessential human emotion. Love is an intense emotional bond. As Lisa Hoffman once said, "love is like pi— natural, irrational, and very important". Everyone has their own opinions on what love is, and all are correct for them. Love is the common bond that can be seen as romantic, familial, or more. No matter what someone's definition of it is, it is greater than that, as love has no bounds.

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Thanks for reading! I hope that this helps answer some of your questions. If you have any further question, feel free to leave a comment. Good luck!