Autism Study

By Hagan Kipsey 10-14-16 Health 5

Autism is in its self is "unknown"

Definition:Autism is the inability to communicate well or to have no social like behaviors with others.

They prefer to be alone and to line up toys than play with them.

They might not like to cuddle or to have any physical or emotional connections with other people.

How can you spot it and how can you know how to treat it

Symptoms:inability to make eye contact,cuddle,and respond when spoken to,

Others are flapping arms, twirling around in circles,incessant humming, and walking on toes.

Diagnosis: there is no medical test that can prove that can prove that the child has autism but, checking genetic codes for mutations and interviewing the parents and child can see if the child has it or not.

Treatment: include (but not proven)are gluten-and casein-free diets,having the child be raised and cared for in a stress free environment, Applied behavior analysis(ABA), floor time, and using chelation therapy to rid the child's body of toxin.

some famous people with autism include:

How Children and adults deal with Autism

Life with autism: In their own words

Some more information on Autism

  • It effects all races,cultures,and ethic groups but,it is more likely to appear in boys than girls(4-1)
  • Diagnoses could be founded at the age of three
  • it is a difficult matter to speak of because, it is different for all children that are effected

Here is some medical sites that can help treat and study autism

Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities (CADD) Address and number down below

Autism cares foundation is a website