Emojis Speak Louder Than Words

a Note from the Mind of a Teenage Muliti-Tasker

Dallas, Texas 6:23 AM

Good morning to all my rabid readers!!

It has recently dug at me that humans, especially teenagers, are overwhelmed by simply too many activities than can fit into one day. Sports, school, work, friends, social engagements, clubs, meetings, SLEEP, family-time... the thought makes you want to scream. As time is already wound up as tight as can be, I have a suggestion for all the teens out there who simply don't have enough energy to get through the day. If you can eliminate the little inconveniences in life, you'll have THAT much more time on your hands for all those nagging responsibilities like "family game-night" or "writing your essay." The solution? Don't waste any more of your breath or time physically interacting with others - simply immerse yourself in a virtual world! Teens, if your parents are angry with you, just disappear into your room for an hour or two on your phone - they'll appreciate the space. Or, if you're a student, try and complete the assignment on your phone while the teacher is speaking. If you can finish the task before she finishes her lecture, and promptly interrupt her to point this out, you're bound to grab her attention as an A+ student. If you look around, you'll notice the majority of people have already taken my wonderful advice - and not just teenagers. Just the other night, I sat down at a lovely out-door dinner venue with my friends, and while promptly whipping out my phone, I happened to sneak a glance at the table next to me before live-tweeting my night out. A family of four, each stared at the screen of their individual iPads with wonderful expressions akin to goldfish. They were utterly mesmerized... Not at all distracted by the atmosphere, food, or each other, their crisp focus was shockingly impressive. The kids were sharpening their reflexes with awesome apps like "Candy Crush" and "Doodle Jump" while Mom was busy looking up the recipe of the food on her plate, waving away the waiter simultaneously. Good old Dad was scheduling his next meeting while shoveling food in his face... "What an amazing example of multi-tasking!" I thought before my own mind was grabbed by my 140 character limit. Indeed, communication is more expedient than ever before with the simple tap-tap-tap of your two thumbs. Why make it harder by moving your mouth and exhausting yourself with facial expressions when you have a plethora of emojis as a supplement? And why limit yourself to face-to-face conversation when you can let the whole world what you're doing at any given moment? It'll save so much time from idle chit-chat at school tomorrow...

Make the switch now. I promise you, teens, your life will be that much more engaging.

- your fellow teenage multi-tasker