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Module 16: Music Technology *DUE Sunday, May 15
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iPods and iPhones

In October of 2001 Mac decided they needed to have a smaller portable media player (to replace the portable CD player), for both movies and music. Thus, the iPod was created. Now there was a digital connection from iTunes the software application, to the media player the iPod. Then of course the industry really took off in 2003 when the iTunes store opened, and then when iPhones could access the iTunes catalog as well.

Today there are many more sites/stores other than iTunes that offer media for purchase/download. This is good because with this competition the iTunes Store cannot have a monopoly over the market. So it helps to keep prices down for you and me.
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In recording things have really begun to "downsize" staring with the iPad. With Apple's Garage Band software, now recording is possible through the use of an iPad as a new way to create music by individual without the big recording studio. AMAZING! I can't wait to see what they come up with next!