The Right to A Name

Every child deserves the right to a name and identity

Did You Know?

Some people may not have known that millions of children all over the globe can spend much of their life without legal identity. Without this legal identity, it results in the child not being eligible for the benefits and protections it includes. Also, without this legal identity, an individual is then incapable of enjoying the rights in which they were born to live by.

How can you protect the rights of children?

You can help protect children's rights by learning more information about the articles. To learn more visit where you can find any information about children and their rights all around the world and where you can donate money.

My Goal to Giving Children a Name

My goal is to spread awareness around the world about the importance a child's name and identity is to their future. Over the course of spreading this awareness, going to different countries to help assist families in giving their children a name, will help to ensure there is no child without a name and identity. Overall, the major goal is to give every child an identity so they are not taken advantage of and seen as invisible.