Quarterly Team Newsletter

4th Quarter 2013

Top 10 Sales


  1. Lindsey Doebler ~ $3782.20
  2. Amanda Montague ~ $3350.28
  3. Raina Bellafiore ~ $3077.14
  4. Christine Camacho ~ $2866.30
  5. Shyra Smith ~ $2844.10
  6. Michele Fiore ~ $2561.36
  7. Deanna Bonilla ~ $2496.94
  8. Dawn Smith ~ $2406.60
  9. Tina Beres ~ $2372.40
  10. LaRessie Mason ~ $2218.10


  1. Donna Moulton ~ $7747.10
  2. Daniza Santiago ~ $6559.00
  3. Melissa Miranda ~ $6495.78
  4. Francesca Papagallo ~ $3756.20
  5. Jamie-Lynn VanArtsdalen ~ $3290.47
  6. Kim Menefee ~ $3058.80
  7. Shannon Spangler ~ $3011.10
  8. Nikki Monari ~ $3008.65
  9. Leann Caballero ~ $3007.36
  10. Heather Castillo ~ $2886.32


  1. Victoria Cappadona ~ $8647.55
  2. Daniza Santiago ~ $7947.73
  3. Donna Moulton ~ $7574.09
  4. Julie Joyner ~ $6320.50
  5. Holly Corbett ~ $5032.96
  6. Amanda Montague ~ $4550.70
  7. Karyn Ruggiero ~ $4263.85
  8. Dayna Moates and Donna Deaton ~ $3904.07
  9. Barbara Heinrich ~ $3845.70
  10. Melissa Miranda ~ $3545.71

Top 5 Teams


  1. Team Sweisthal ~ $156,780.16
  2. Team Welcher ~ $68,161.38
  3. Team Henderson ~ $51,532.22
  4. Team Peters ~ $22,213.50
  5. Team Ingersoll ~ $20,885.78


  1. Team Sweisthal ~ $255,312.50
  2. Team Welcher ~ $77,295.01
  3. Team Henderson ~ $53,835.70
  4. Team Ingersoll ~ $29,507.74
  5. Team Peters ~ $26,706.39


  1. Team Sweisthal ~ $346,666.50
  2. Team Welcher ~ $124,281.45
  3. Team Henderson ~ $71,087.74
  4. Team Peters ~ $41,639.21
  5. Team Ingersoll ~ 33,258.55

New Back Office!

The time has come!!!! We are receiving our much awaited overhaul of our back office and ordering system. Fear not!! This system has been tested rigorously and you are simply going to love it! There are so many great features that are going to save you time - give you personal hours back that you don't have to spend on your business - and tools to help you grow your income and your business. The Nest has been walking us through this conversion over the last couple weeks, so if you are a bit behind, I recommend that you revisit some of the past posts in the newsfeed. All Jewelry Bars will need to be closed by the end of the business day, Eastern Time, on October 31st. No Jewelry Bars will carry over into the new system. If you have online orders in an open party - those will not carry over either. The Nest has addressed these issues over the last couple weeks and given suggestions on how to handle these parties. The Key is being up front with your hostesses so they are aware. You will find in this business that whenever you empower your team or your hostesses with information things usually go without a hitch. If you have orders sitting in a party that is not closing yet, please print those orders out so you have a copy. As they will not carry over to the new system, you will have to recreate that party on November 1st when the new system goes live. The Nest today has also started posting short training videos for the new system. These are done in 5 minute segments so you will find it very convenient to watch them and you will be amazed at how simple the new system is to use! I truly feel you will all be very excited about it!!!

Many of you may be asking "why now?". The simple truth is that our current system will not be able to handle the increase of orders that will be coming during November. We have already started to see it hiccup this current month. Also, our amazing new warehouse (check out the webinars that have recently been posted about it!) runs exclusively off of our new computer system. This system will allow our warehouse to keep up with our holiday demands. Again, there has been a great deal posted in the newsfeed and in our webinars recently about all of this so I encourage you to take a peak!

This is an exciting time of year! May you all have wonderful holidays and I am so proud to be working alongside you all!!! If you have not found our team page on Facebook yet, please feel free to look us up at Team Freatman Inspired Fortune Cookies. You will find notifications on Virtual team meetings, as well as sharing of ideas and a great sisterhood/brotherhood of fellow owls!! So blessed!


Michelle Freatman

Senior Director

Team Freatman Inspired Fortune Cookies