The Civil War

By Rebecca Touby

Fort Sumter

My name is Ezekiel. I am an African American man in the Union Army. I don’t remember how old I am because it’s been so long since I’ve seen my family. I grew up a slave in Mississippi and I got separated from my real parents. I was sold to an owner of a large plantation with and slaves who soon became my new family. Before I ran away, I told them I’d fight for their freedom. I told them I’d win the upcoming Civil War. While I was in the North, I learned how to read and later joined the army. On April 12 of 1861, we were moved into a “hideout” called Fort Sumter. This was a big mistake because our leader, Robert Anderson, was in some hot water. A battle even broke out because of this move. Surprisingly, no soldiers on either side were killed, captured, but the fires that were shot had started the Civil War.

Antietam Battle

Today was a frightening day. It is September 18, 1862. A couple of days ago, the Union army’s leader, George B. McClellan, and the Union army confronted the Confederate army. Just the day after that, we mounted a powerful assault on General Lee’s left side and started what some call the Antietam War. It was a very violent and gruesome fight. Out of about 87,000 Union soldiers, 2,108 were killed. The fact that I’m still alive isn’t anything other than a miracle. Eventually, both sides were beginning to give in so there is no official victor of this battle.

Vicksburg Battle

It is July 4, 1863. Today, Confederate general John C. Pemberton surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant. Now the Union Army has control of Vicksburg, Mississippi, and it’s thanks to a clever plan devised by Grant. In late April, a surprise landing below Vicksburg was conducted. We moved further inland and pushed a threat further to Jackson before moving into Vicksburg. The Rebel stronghold was assailed on May 19, but had to surrender due to great soldier loss though 106 Union soldiers were killed and 105 Confederate soldiers were killed.

Gettysburg Battle

The date is July 5, a few days ago, Robert E. Lee and his army planned to go to Pennsylvania and collect supplies after the triumphant Battle of Chancellorsville. Our leader, General George G. Meade, put us between the White House and General Lee. When he learned that our general was in Pennsylvania, Lee made his way towards Gettysburg. The armies collided on July 1, only the first day of battle. Confederate reinforcements arrived quickly and killed about 20,000 Yankees. On the second day of battle, we defended a range of hills with about 90,000 soldiers and the Confederates came in with about 70,000 soldiers. The Confederates launched heavy assault but the Union held ground until the end of the day. On July 3, fighting still remained and about 51,000 soldiers from both sides were either killed, kidnapped, or wounded. Lee eventually led his army on a retreat back to Virginia.

Sherman's March to the Sea

After Atlanta was captured on September 2, weeks were spent preparing to change bases to the coast. After movement to and from Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Confederate General John L. Hood being out of the way, the Union was finally able to move South. General William T. Sherman divided the Union army of 60,000 into equal wings. After the march, Southern plantations were ruined. All that were left were starving people and farm ruins.

Fort Fisher

It is January 16, of 1865. Union general Alfred H. Terry was placed in command of dividing U.S. Colored Troops. On January 13, our forces landed an attack on Confederate General, Robert Hoke’s infantry line. There was an attack in the afternoon following a naval landing party. The Confederate Garrison eventually surrendered. This opened a way for a federal thrust against the South’s last open seaport, Wilmington.

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Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse

Today was a very successful Battle of Appomattox Courthouse. The date is April 9, 1865. About 63,285 Union soldiers fought against 26,000 Confederates. After Union infantry arrived, Confederate General Robert E. Lee retreated troops back across the Appomattox river. Rather than destroying the Confederate Army, Lee decided to surrender to Ulysses S. Grant. Though the war didn’t end after the surrender papers were signed, the war was coming to an end. The War has ended. Now I am off to find my family in the South. We will soon be reunited, as will the Northern and Southern states of America.

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