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Sawnee Tech News Vol. 8

Number Pieces

Number Pieces is an app that fosters a deeper understanding of number sense and place value. Students can move number pieces to represent multi-digit numbers, show operations, and regrouping. This FREE app is a great manipulative and allows students to annotate.


This app was recently shared with me, and I'm excited because it's FREE for educators! It typically costs $4.99 a month, but educators can visit this site and scroll down to complete the sign-up. This service includes 1,000+ books, many of which you will recognize from well-known authors. You can select books based on genre and age group. Students will have to sign in on the app using the email address and password you create. It will allow you to set a fake email address for the account. I hope you take advantage of this wonderful reading resource!


Estimation180 is created by Andy Stadel. This site has lessons dedicated to developing number sense and estimation challenges! I love how students can make their predictions and then view what others guessed. I especially love seeing the reasoning behind estimations. Start out using his examples, but then try to create your own challenges and post in itslearning as a discussion board.

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