Google Sites

Diboll ISD - Beginner

Introduction to Google Sites
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Below is a list of sample Google sites to review. These are in no particular order. Not all are education-related but can provide an idea of what your Google Site could look like.

Lion Academy Trust -

West Point High School -

Mr. McDowell’s World History Class -

Mary Fran Lynch - Alta Vista School -

Vernal Pond's Project -

Upper Elementary 5th Grade -

DISD Technology -

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      • Once a site is named it can be changed but the URL cannot

      • If a site is deleted, the URL cannot be renamed

      • Themes are not required

      • Default Theme is Sky


        • Click on the icon of the paper and + sign to add a page to your site

        • Click on the pencil to edit the page you are on
        • Click on the gear to edit your entire layout of your site


    • Webpage - Generic blank page setup

    • File Cabinet - Place to add files, links, Drive, Folders

      • Cannot upload whole folder, must upload individual files

      • Can create Folder structure to move

      • Add file to folder, file must be uploaded first

    • Announcements - Blog or Announcements are added with most recent on top

      • To Delete Post >> Gear >> Delete Page

      • To Recover Post >> Gear >> Revision History >> Recent Site Activity

      • Option to Subscribe to RSS Feed

    • List - Used to create lists

      • Used for rosters in sports, vocabulary words list
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Google Sites Help

If you need help while working on your Google Site (of course, you can always call me! : ), you can click the "gear" and type in almost any question and Google will have an answer for you!
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