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*Video Games





Many teens are too addicted to their phones. A website tested how long a average teenage girl could go without her phone. It last 5 minutes. That explains that teens are too addicted to there phones.
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Video Games

Teens spend much time playing video games. Another website tested how long a average video gamer plays after school. With no dinner or bathroom break, he play a video game from the time he got home to 11:00pm at night. This explains that teens are addictive to video games.
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TV is a big one in teen addictions. The average teen watches at least 5 hours of TV on a week day and 7 hours on the weekend. Most teens pay too much attention to the TV they are in a whole different world. This explains why teens are addicted to TV.
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Smoking and Drugs

Many teens smoke or do drug when there in High School. This is a big problem to the air that we breath. It releases many chemicals inside your mouth. This is a problem that is going all across the globe. Please help this problem.
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Party's and Club's

A lot of teens like to go out to a party or a club and stay there till about 12pm and most of the time without their parents knowing. They do things such as rap battles, drinking, and partying. Teens are not getting the sleep they need for the next day.
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