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Founded in 1986, R&R Lighting has over 27 years of professional experience and In-Field knowledge. Established in Chino, California, R&R lighting is a family owned and operated company, with knowledgable experience, and quality customer service. We serve the greater Los angeles area, including Los Angeles county, San Bernadino county , Orange county, Riverside county, and the greater San Diego counties. R&R lighting has strived to provide excellent customer service, and provide our customers with a large array of products. We specialize in commercial and industrial lighting, and carry efficient energy star approved products. All products, ranging from Commercial and Industrial, to Residential, are backed 100% by R&R lighting.

LED Recessed- 4inch."-6inch." retrofits- **Quantity discounts available**

LED Recessed Troffer

LED Canopy/Ceiling Lights

CLED (52 or 78) / GLED (52 OR 78)

Available in: Ceiling-CLED(52 OR 78) -------------| Available in: Garage-GLED(52 OR 78)

52 watt- $324.99 -------------------------------------------| 52 watt- $329.99------------------------------
78 watt- $374.99 -------------------------------------------| 78 watt- $379.99------------------------------

LED High Bays/Pendant Ceiling

LED Wall Packs