Oh That Hannah..

A little About Myself:

Well, I'm very quiet around other people and I keep to myself a lot. I mainly voice my opinion through my music instead of talking. Most people think I'm very shy and quiet, but what people do not know is that I'm very loud and talkative and also very funny, but at school its like I have a different personality from at home. My birthday is September 13, 2000 and I'm mostly older then half the people in my grade. My personality ranges from very sarcastic to very sad sometimes. #lul I love to make people laugh when they're down. I'm very random, like I could go from talking about one topic about sharks to hamburgers, that's how random I am. I love to listen to music and I hate school, basically average teenage person. My music I listen to ranges from classic rock, modern rock, 80's pop, and a little bit of everything. I'm very interesting if you get to know me. I'm also very sassy when it comes to things if anyone is rude to my family, friends, and certain others.

Hobbies Include:

Eating food until I feel like I'm going to explode, Listening to music till my ears are about to go numb, Procrastinating, On the computer until like 2:00 a.m - 5:00 a.m mainly on youtube, or looking at clothes, on twitter, instagram etc.. Basically wasting my teenage years away. xD Then here comes the athletic side of Hannah where I work out until I can't breathe anymore and I'm hungry. cx I have no life. :D Uh, I love to jump around a lot and be very rambunctious, basically 5 years old.

Pizzzzzzzza & Me

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Here Are A few Quotes That I Like. ^.^

What I Wanna Do Honestly

I would like to become a comedian or someone who helps changes peoples life's ,and becomes famous for it, for actually doing something good to change the world. <3 I think it would be pretty cool for a girl from a small town to become huge for doing something actually good for the world. So this was a little about me!