Juneau, An Alaskan Adventure

by Kate, Catherine, and Olivia

Today's forecast

May 15, 2013. Hello and welcome to the Juneau Weather Website. Here is todays forecast. Today it looks like there will be scattered showers so remember to bring your umbrellas to work! Today’s a very low pressure day, because it’s 93% humid with showers . And, don’t forget your windbreaker, because the wind is going 15 mph today! The wind is going in the East direction so western Canada may be expecting some wind, as well. So far It’s rained 0.03 inches so your driveways might get a little slippery. That’s all for this forecast, folks! Now it’s time to see how the weather will affect your daily life.

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How this weather will impact your daily life

Its time to bring back out those long sleeves today because its going to be 44.1 degrees fahrenheit. Travelers, the plane may be experiencing some turbulence because the wind is going 15 mph today. Today is not a good day for a picnic, on Mount McKinley, it’s too windy and you might blow away! Watch out because the highways might be slippery, so make sure that you drive slowly, and safely. Remember to bring your umbrellas and for all the kids online, it looks like you’ll be having indoor recess today. Sadly we might have to start to limit our outdoor activity here in Alaska because today is going to be a cold one. Next is to see how the geography of our beautiful state, Alaska, can impact our weather today and any other day.

Alaska's beautiful geography

Here in Alaska, we are practically surrounded by water. This sometimes means that it’s more humid here than other places. Mountains bring cold weather because of it’s high elevation and altitude, also, mountain ranges usually bring more precipitation. Here in Alaska, we obviously have Mount McKinley which is one reason for why it’s so cold. Another reason why we get such cold weather, is because we are so far from the equator, and don’t receive as much direct sunlight as most places. The mean elevation of Alaska is 1,900 feet above sea level, and when there’s a high altitude the air is thinner and it doesn’t hold as much heat which makes it a lot colder.

Alaska's climate

Usually, we have very long, cold winters and cool, short summers. The people who live here should know what the usual climate is. Even if you do live here, though, you may not know the climate, so we’re going to tell you about it. Also, if you’re planning to move here, you probably would like to know what the climate will be. Juneau’s coldest month is January. The average overnight temperature in January is 20.7 degrees fahrenheit. The warmest month in Alaska is July. The average day time temperature in July is 64.3 degrees fahrenheit. The dryest month in Juneau is April with 2.96 inches of precipitation. The wettest month is October. It has 8.30 inches of precipitation. At this time of year, in May, the average rainfall is 3.4 inches. We hope you learned a lot more about Juneau, Alaska and we hope you have been inspired to come and visit! We always welcome tourists!