AVID great sucses

alliyah ortiz,grade 7, period 8.


on Tutorial days i learn allot because people who need help and that don't now how to solve a problem and its not hard you can explain to them how to solve it and how to check the answer some time you may not be confident in your self on not doing it or remembering it because you don't pay attention but rely you do so you can say or ask if you can say some thing on trying to help but if other don't now just say i can help that person.The picture is from google and the school is hillsbroro


Cornell note taking is some time hard to make up some thing that you learn in class but its rely not the Cornell note taking is rely help full because you can go back and look over them and see what can you study for the up coming exam like on the finals you can study for that test and see what you can look over and ask the teacher what are the subject that you learned about that's gonna be on the exam or test that you can review or look over and study for that.


being organized helps me get papers faster that usual and having to dig through all of thous papers and i am like the struggle is real having thing s being organized helps and you now what subject its from and were you can find it

Binder check

the only way you can pass binder check is by putting thing in there place like your papers and have all the supply you need and have your planer filled out on the right dates and have every thing that you need for all your classes and for avid

Learning log

the learning log helps because your remembering on what you learn and what you did during thous periods and learn it also help on what you like about that class and what class you need help on so the can help you pass and get your grades up in that one class and they wanna now in what classes you are improving in and what you did to raise you grade up and how you raised it up .T his is a learning log and this is what it looks like and its from weekly learning log.

Quick right

On the day we right is a question on the board asking how avid helps us and we have to right for 30 sec and to see how it help us how does it help pass our classes and what do you do during avid that helps us well i personally i think that they help us by asking questions and being organised and having our homework done in time and helps us think on what college and they prepare for use to go and what the teacher is gonna want us to do.

What will i do next semester to continue to grow in these areas?

I will study enough so i can get some were in life and have all my papers done 2 days before due and finish all my homework and study for all my test i need to have all of my corrections done by the time they are due so i can get a good grade and try to keep all of my papers in the rings and keep all of my avid stuff in the avid section of my binder and keep my binder more organised that usual.