Louis Armstrong

by: Jackson McCoy


Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901 in New Orleans La and died on July 6, 1771. in Corona, New York City. Louis Armstrong was a talented jazz artist that wrote many songs such as Star Dust La Via En Rose, and What a Wonderful World. When Armstrong was 11 he shot his step fathers gun off in the air and was taken to a Waifs home for boy. That is were he fell in love with music. By 1918 his reputation was strong. By 1932 Armstrong was even appearing in movies. In 1934 his carrier fell from his lips hurting due to all the singing and trumpet playing. Armstrong impacted the world with his jazz.


Louis Armstrong had a huge impact on America. Staring in movies. Being a great singer. But most of all his jazz playing.

Some of Armstrongs top songs Go down mosses, nobody knows the trouble i've seen and much more

Jackson McCoy