D.A.R.K. Side

Come to the Dark side... we have Testing!

Testing Information is Out to Families

You may be already getting feedback from families ... testing information is out there! The second round of emails was sent this afternoon, and we are at 47% confirmed for ALL Spring testing. That is awesome!

A few talking points -
Reschedules - There are no preemptive reschedules. Unless a student is really sick, they need to be at testing. Reschedules means that a teacher (maybe you!) has to be out of the classroom for another 1 - 4 days. If a parent insists that they have to be rescheduled, please have them send you a k-mail, and forward that to me. Please don't tell parents we are sure that will be okay, or that it isn't a problem, etc.

Condensed Testing -
The requests to shrink testing down into 2 or 3 days are already coming in. That is not best practices. We break testing up like we do so that students can do a reasonable amount of testing time daily without getting stressed or fatigued, and still limit testing to a one-week period. Along with what is best practices for the student, and best practices for testing, consistency is a factor. Our testing administration has to be as consistent as possible across all of our sites and students. Consistency in administration across sites and students is a factor in the State approving our testing plan for PAWS.

Opting Out -
Again this year, there are rumbles of "opting out" of testing. Wyoming does not have an "opt out" option, and all public school students are required to participate. As our students are enrolled in WYVA - a public school program - they also do have to participate.

I really appreciate that you are the primary contact with the parents and families, and how well you know them and the rapport that you build over the course of the school year. I strongly believe that if we are all consistent in our messaging, year after year, there will be less time devoted to this, and more time to be able to devote back to the kids.

Where Can I Find that Information?!

Proctor and student assignments should all be current in Testing Nirvana (except for two proctors I can't seem to get to assign. I have asked for help, and it should be fixed soon.)

Please be logging in to TN and poking around. You can find accommodations assigned for your site, student schedules and more in Testing Nirvana. It is a great resource. If you can't remember your password, just go to the website and click the forgot password link!

Another resource is the shared drive. Since a few people asked for them, I have put the spreadsheets for sites, and also for individual testers that I have in the Shared Drive. If there are other "at a glance" resources that are needed in the shared drive, please let me know.

Because I had to...

Hello, it's me
I've been thinking about March 4, when we all get to meet
To go over everything
I know it is professional development
But we still have spring testing

Hello, can you hear me?
I will send out a link to schedule a check out meeting
To go through your things
So please look for the email with the YouCanBookMe

To get your testing boxes out
And verify the booklet count

Hello from the dark side
I will be sending out the testing guides
For the PAWS and ACT tests
To proctor them right
Please read them before you come
So our training won't take all day,
and then some...

That is about all I could manage (to subject you to. I could re-write lyrics all day. I crack me up!) Seriously, please check out emails from me for those links to the manuals, and the ACT online training that has to be done before we do the face to face. I will get them out to you by Friday.
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