The ER Social Club Gets Sporty!

Summer League Sport - Good Eats - And...?

Lawn Bowls

Many of you have had training from Kimbolton's 2013 lawn bowls champion and went on to deliver some seriously good wing and drive shots. Top show! If you're keen to do more, or try lawn bowls for the first time, let's put in a team or two for the Mates in Bowls Summer League starting January 22.

*I made enquiries about volleyball at Massey, but it the summer league is targeted at students and some of the games start at 9:10pm. Other ideas are welcomed.

Pizza, beer, barbecues... What kind of good eats would you like to feast on this year? The aforementioned options are a possibility, as well as some gourmet treats. The Rogue Trader (aka Nigel of The Village Inn Kitchen) makes a pretty good fish or pulled pork taco. Robert of Wholegrain Organics makes flavour-filled and healthy lunches too. Over to you! Send in your foodie requests before we all get a bit hangry!

What Else?

Please advise anything else you're keen to do over the next while. I'll happily pull it together.

Kind regards,

Katherine Huynh