Murdock Solon Architects

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Creative & High Quality Signature Designs from Murdock Solon Architects

The style that comes from Murdock Solon Architects is among the most notable in New York today. Streamlined, modern, glass and pops of color have been used in video editing warehouses, the Brooklyn library, Park Avenue rooftops and even in residences. Yet, these professional architects are not stuck on modern tastes.

They have been known to remodel Fifth Avenue apartments and Harlem townhouses in resplendent, authentic classic styles. The architects here are true artists that allow the distinctive, creative designs to come from the client’s needs and desires as well as the space within which they must fit their designs.

They keep their attention on the budget at hand as well as the technical requirements of the project. They bring a sensibility and efficiency to all that they do.

When you need them for a commercial or residential Murdock Solon project, you will want to know more about how they achieve the styles desired for their clients. One way to do this is to meet with your prospective architects at the firm.

Let them know your ideas for the project. Do you want sleek modern details? Do you want the property to be reinterpreted in its old, historic style? Perhaps, you want the architects to offer you suggestions so you can make a better decision. Visit their website to see some of their current and past commercial and residential projects. You may find the style that speaks to you by doing this.

Once you have an idea of the scope of the project, they will want to meet with you to discuss the actual work and the cost of the project. When you meet with them you will be meeting with the team or individual that will be overseeing your project.

In some instances, they will need to conduct a feasibility study before commencing work. They can also provide drawings and research on local codes so that you can get the largest return on an investment you are making.

In most cases, you will be presented with color palettes, various finishes, fixtures and more. You get to decide of course what color scheme you want to go with and the best part is the firm of Murdock Solon Architects will be with you from this step straight through to the completion of the project.

They will be with you for each step of the construction of the project. They will help you with understanding any design adjustments that may need to come about as the construction progresses. Naturally, you can ask them any questions that you may have for the duration of the project.

See what award-winning designs this firm has already accomplished by visiting them online and reviewing the portfolio. This is a top firm in Manhattan, and you can expect that the service you receive is going to be world class. They will be happy to discuss the entire cost of the project and work with you to discuss an amicable payment structure.