"The Water Planet"


Diameter: 2.4x7.917

Distance to sun: 79 million miles from its parent sun

average temp: 70 degrees

one year= 290 days

age difference: if you were 14 you would be 19

the value of "g"= 3.78972904x10-8

distance to earth:5.676e15

how much time would it take to get there: 6,000 years

fun facts

  • it is completely covered in water.
  • it is the only known planet in its solar system.
  • the weather is pretty nice.

not funfacts

  • it is COMPLETELY covered in water.
  • you would be dead by the time you reached it.
  • there is no ground to land the space ship.


  • you could make some of the ocean frozen so you could start life.
  • you could bring a submarine/boat.
  • you could start a sky city.

p.s couldn't get pictures on here