The Hardship Club

Drew Wright

Favorite Mother Daughter Selection

My favorite mother daughter selection is Jing-Mei and Suyuan Woo. Suyuan Woo is a very critical mother, which leads Jing-Mei to think that she is "such a sad, ugly girl" (Tan 134). This was very interesting to me because on the other hand Suyuan is just trying to make her the best person she can be. With the death of Suyuan Jing-Mei comes to realize that her mother only wanted the best for her. Eventually JIng-Mei completes her mothers long lost dream to meet her sisters in China, and while doing this she comes to appreciate her mother much more.

Favorite Parable

My Favorite Parable was The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates. This parable shows a mother trying to warn her daughter that she "will fall down and cry", if she does not listen to the instructions (Tan 87). The daughter does not bother to listen, and eventually falls off the bike, which shows that you should always listen to your elders. This parable did not just show a life lesson to the girl in the story, but also to everybody that has read it.

Favorite Quote

"Even though i was young, i could see the pain of the flesh and the worth of the pain" (Tan 48). This quote is when An-Mei's mother comes home and tries to save Popo. It shows that even though An-Mei was so young, she saw the respect that her mother had for Popo. This is what made An-Mei begin to love her mother even after she had been told she was a ghost.


In the Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan present the idea that Hope is necessary to complete ones goals. Almost all of the decisions made by the mothers was based off hope that there life would improve. The mothers wanted there daughters will be able to live better in America, while maintaining the Chinese culture. In order to achieve this they had to teach there daughters "how to lose their innocence but not there hope" (Tan 213). The mothers widsom is able to lead all the daughter to a brighter life and gives them hope for the future.