HAWC Newsletter

July 2013

SU Real World & Summer in Seattle

Summer is well underway and HAWC has already made a major impact whether you knew it or not! SU Real World, as you may recall is a huge hit among students and really gets the conversation started about a variety of wellness topics.

Additionally, I did an orientation session with all new students about alcohol and sexual assault - really shifting the focus to prevention and intervention. Both are getting great reviews and we're boosting the good name HAWC has already made for itself!

A major thanks to the SU Real World Team of Lauren, Edward, Katherine, Jalen, Daniel, Erica, Tyler, Robby, and EJ!

Fall Training

As a reminder we have training scheduled for

  • Sept 12 - 13: BACCHUS Peer Health Educator Certification
  • Sept 16 - 20: HAWC Training
  • Sept 17 - 19: Off campus retreat
  • Sept 21: New Student Move In

We recognize and appreciate the commitment you're making to each other and for the SU community. Please triple check calendars to be sure you don't have any conflicts with these dates.

Pay special attention to the off campus retreat because we're away, driving together, and will have evening commitments those days. Please call me if you have any questions!

Bio and Photo

We want to add your biography and photo to our website! Please send bios (about 100 words) and a photo you'd like to share with the world to wellness@seattleu.edu by September 1, 2013!

Changes to Welcome Week

Historically we've hosted the Hall Crawl the evening after the first day of classes (when everyone is exhausted) - last year we had smaller numbers than I would have liked but made a great impact on those who attended!

This year HAWC was able to get some great changes regarding our placement in the schedule and we'll be more visible at the suggestion of previous members.

  1. We'll help out with an event the evening of move in, Saturday 9/21 from 7:30-9:30pm with some set up and clean up. This collaboration with Housing and the RAs will be a relay / amazing race type event with minute-to-win-it type challenge stations. It's going to be a ton of fun!
  2. The Hall Crawl will move to Tuesday 9/24 (the day before classes begin) from 2-4pm, it will be in a single location at SU Park / Logan Field, and again a partnership with URec. The feel will be very interactive quadstock-ish - music, food, fun, and a larger audience. The name will change as it's moving out of the halls - send any ideas my way ASAP!
  3. The historic hall crawl time Thursday 9/26 from 7-9pm will now be a fitness center open house type event with music, giveaways, mini introduction classes, like learn how to yoga, etc. My thought is we'll be present to offer nutrition information - I have a fun menu idea. (Jam the Gym - is the name we're thinking)

My hope is to always give you information as soon as I have it - I'd like to kick this year off with a bang and having the whole team present to help out with these events will be key. If you already have something on your schedule at these times that can't be moved, please let me know ASAP so we can plan for that. WOO HOO!

The Internet Rocks

Find me on Facebook and add me as a friend so I can add you to our super secret HAWC Facebook group which is where we share social events, articles, and casual info!

Returners: BACCHUS Training

Returners, as you prepare your sessions for training please keep in mind the following deadlines:

  • 7/01/13 – Action Plan
  • 8/25/13 – Submit materials for review
  • 8/26/13 – Submit materials to be purchased (for activities, etc.)
  • 9/01/13 – Submit materials to be printed (handouts, activity sheets, etc.)

As if yet I've only gotten 1 action plan (Thanks KJ & Alana) - I'm hoping others were sent to Brendon?!? Please let me know if you need any help! I spend most of August planning training.

You made it to the end...

THANKS for reading - Look for out August Newsletter next month with more info and updates, in the mean time let me know if you have any questions.