Media Literacy Final Project

Cole Music

Internet Privacy

Advantages of sharing online:

1) You can connect with friends and family from far away

2) Allows you to see what others are doing instantly

Disadvantages of sharing online:

1) People can create fake profiles using your pictures

2) Allows burglars to see when you aren't home if you constantly talk about what you're doing.

3 pieces of information that should be kept private online:

1) Address

2) Personal information such as social security

3) Passwords to accounts

A negative online post or message can cause major harm on someone's reputation. If the information gets released from a personal message others can use this as ammunition to make fun of you and furthermore, destroy your reputation.


Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully another person or send hateful, intimidating messages.

Cyberbullying usually starts with one message or post. Someone then decides to make fun of the person or share their personal information online with everyone else. This can cause a lot of emotional pain and agony because everyone may now know something that you intended for only the person you told to know.

The victim can de-escalate the situation easily by telling a teacher or respected adult and immediately going to the authorities.

Body Image and the media

I believe that it is wrong to digitally edit photos and put them on the internet and in advertisement. This is making girls believe in unrealistic standards. Girls are unable to achieve this "perfect body" because it is not real. Gender stereotypes are upheld in the media constantly such as the tough guy in the movies who always has the stupid hot girl fall for him. It makes the girl look helpless like she absolutely needs the man.
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Cyber Bullying: Public Health Promotion Video (UOIT)

Media Usage

The hardest thing for me to give up would be my cell phone. I constantly have it in my hand and rely on it for instant communication with everyone. It would really show me that I am so addicted to my cell phone. I do believe that teens feel as if they have to act a certain way online. Being "hipster" and posting selfies is what is expected from teens if you want to be known as cool online. Girls are judged extensively from their Instagram photos. Guys do not receive as much grief from what they post online.