Path of Fame

By Khadija Maslouh

I got the honor to interview Elena Gimenéz Bakkes. Her book is called ''Path of Fame", it's about becoming famous without getting into trouble. And with trouble I mean doing dumb things like using drugs and alcohol. It's all about having fun in the entertainment industry and feeling home, because a lot of artist don't feel save.

Path of Fame

Me: "So, what inspired you to write this book?"

Interviewee: ''Well, I've been through a lot."

Me: "What have you been through exactly?"

Interviewee: "Like I said, a lot of things. From being anorexic to doing drugs and stuff."

Me: "So is your book only about your struggles or more?"

Interviewee: " Of course more! It's also about having fun in the music industry. People hear me talking about my struggles like it's the entertainment business fault, but I also enjoy doing what I'm doing. I'm making grat music, I'm acting, writing books etc."

Elena Gimenéz Bakkes

I have elena interviewed about the book "Path of Fame". Elena is thirteen years old and sits in second classe of the high school. She was born in the Netherlands in rotterdam. She only has a little brother. Her little brother is called Fillip. Elena has 2 cats called Saartje and Straartje. Elena find that when they finally famous is the most fun part. She find that everyone read the book because it inspired people!