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Creating Folders - 4/11/13

How many of you Love to Organize? ME! However, I can honestly say when it comes to my Inbox I'm a horrible slacker in the organization department. Some of you out there are great at utilizing folders to help you keep all your messages organized and neat and tidy!

Today let's take a look at how to create folders in the Outlook Web App!

First start by right-clicking(control-click on a Mac) where you want to create a folder. For example, if you want to create a folder in your Inbox, you would right-click(control-click on a Mac) on your Inbox. This will give you a drop down menu. Click Create New Folder.

How do I put things in my folder?

I never thought you would ask!

Method 1: Find the message you want to move. You can move messages from your Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Junk Mail, etc to other folders. Make sure you can see the folder you want to move the items into on the left side. Then drag the messages you want directly over to the folder of your choice. Don't be alarmed if it looks like your message disappeared. It just moved to that folder you put it in.
Method 2: Check off the messages you want to move by clicking the icon to the left of the Message Subject. This will make it a check box. Then click Move. This will bring down a menu of folders you have used recently. If you see the folder you want to move your messages listed, click its name. You are done! If you don't see the folder you want to move your items to listed, click Move to Folder and search for it. I had to this the first time I moved something to a folder, but then the folder appeared automatically the next few times I moved items over.
Remember sometimes your folder may not be showing so you will have to click the arrow on the left of the Inbox to expand it.

An item to note here: You can also bypass the earlier procedure for Creating the Folder as shown above and instead after you select the messages you want to move click Create New Folder. Click where you want the new folder to be located ie. Inbox. Outlook will create a new folder for you to name, then click Move to move the messages over that way.

Things to Consider

Be careful how many levels deep you create your folders. There is more room for things to get misplaced when you have a folder in a folder in a folder in a folder, etc. Try to go no more than 2 folders deep from any of the main areas in Outlook. For Example:
In my Inbox I have created a folder called 5MinOutlook and then within 5MinOutlook I have created additional folders called March/April and May/June.

Be thoughtful in your naming conventions. Name folders in a organized manner that will help you find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently. Your folders should always work FOR you not AGAINST you.

Also, those of you that use your Mobile Devices. When you put items in folders you can push those messages to your mobile device in Settings........however the push on your mobile device is an all or nothing. In general, the public recommendation is to only sync 3 days of messages. So if you move things from your inbox to folders and they are more than 3 days old you may not be able to see them unless you sync farther back. This is more messages kept on your phone and more data used to download. Food for thought.

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